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What do I do as a Denver Photographer? I say: "Cheers to a new year!"

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Spoiler: Read and then scroll down for images!

A year in review

It is crazy and amazing when we look back. In my case, I can see how many changes happened in just 12 fast paced months...

Focusing on the positive aspects of life 2022, as a year in review, showed me how much I grew, not only as a professional, but also as an individual seeing life in different aspects, letting the old go and allowing new energy in.

The best thing of a new year is to know, there are old friends that will come with me.

They will help me write the new chapters to come.

The second best thing about a new year, is the excitement to meet the unknow, unseen and the great expectation to meet new great minds that think alike and bring value to my journey and artistic creations.

In 2022, I worked with several amazing people and, fortunately, there were very few challenging individuals, that were also part of the event of experiencing life. Everyone played a different role, presented a different need and, most importantly, allowed me to grow while re-thinking of the laws of supply and demand in my career, digging, paving and landscaping the road of where I find myself at this present moment of gratitude and I know, overtime, will lead me to the achievement of fully serving the crowd of my ideal clients, being those the ones who truly value what I have to offer as my art.

I saw my studio being reshaped and re-invented to accommodate new projects, new ideas and opening room for more dreams. I have learned so much in such a short period of time.

The "dream factory" has happened and it is my studio becoming more and more prepared to produce and provide the most adorable photographs that I have always dreamed of being able to offer to clients, bringing my vision into reality with the creation of new campaigns, new contents for the people I have served and getting ready for the ones who will be brought by the new year.

This is who I am and who I am serving: a community of new families with babies and young children. Watching them grow in my studio and welcoming new parents, moms of growing families by creating their family legacy with beautiful photographs.

There is a special form of enticing energy in the air during a photo session with the perfect touch of magic. This magic is called planned workflow with amazing final photographs, many times converted into an album, wall art or a combination of both!

With that being said, I want to share that I have planned exciting opportunities for your family legacy in the year of 2023 and I invite you to come with me!

Be the light and shine in front of my lenses!

Let's write beautiful stories and make those plain white canvases colored with the exclusive story of your life with planned seasonal studio sessions and regular sessions that unfold the natural sequence of life, from: Maternity, Newborn babies, Sitters, Cake Smashes to Families.

Cheers to a new year with opportunities of capturing your beautiful moments into storytelling images for your family legacy!

Maternity Photo Session - Studio

Newborn Photo Session - Studio

Baby Milestone: Sitter - Studio Photography at 7 (seven) months old

Cake Smash or Smash the Cake - Studio Photography

Oh mighty oh my... these photos are to die for...

Family Photography - outdoor and studio

Contact Layne Fernandes, Denver Metro Studio Photographer, in the heart of S.E. Aurora, CO.

Click on the link below:

Much love and many pix for a colorful 2023!

La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes

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