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Yes, Mom, you totally deserve to be in the family photos! No questions about it, please... 

Mobile phones with fancy cameras are not replacements for high-resolution images, period. The everyday occurrence of the digital world will result in a generation of jpeg files lost in drawers, moving boxes, and other unthinkable situations...

Your legacy is worth every penny; your future bloodline will thank you for that! 

Create memories and document growth; we never know when the last chance for a family photo will be; high-quality photos last for a lifetime. Trust me, you won't regret it!

Give your family the legacy of beautiful quality portraits, that will last longer than the barrier of time. Studio and Outdoors. S.E. Aurora, CO 80016.
Lifestyle Photography Session with Layne Fernandes

I love photographing real life and preserving timeless memories of your good old times! 

Our family sessions are laid back and outdoors most of the time. This way, kids feel relaxed and ready to bring their bonding or playfulness to the moment.


This session is fun for all ages and families. Pets and hobbies are welcome to be brought to the scene. 

I aim to create timeless images for your family in unique ways that do not follow the moment's trend and will break the time barrier. 

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