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frequently asked questions





1. How can I contact you?

The quickest way to contact me is via cell phone, 720.532.3111 by leaving a voice or text message.

Should you prefer to send me a question via e-mail,, it might take a couple of hours to receive your reply, as I normally check my inbox once a day.

I won’t answer inquiries during sessions, so please bear with me until I am able to contact you in a period of 24 hours turnaround, during regular business days. 

2. What is your studio policy regarding sanitation?

  • In my studio, sanitation is a big deal. I make sure that all props and textiles are washed and prepared prior to sessions. I use baby-neutral laundry detergent or organic laundry balls. I make sure everything is ready to go prior to the baby's arrival.

  • Floors are steamed twice in high temperatures, before session takes place. 

  • Fabrics and headbands which have ornaments hot-glued to them receive sanitation under high temperatures of my Rowenta steamer.

  • All equipment is wiped with hospital-grade products.

  • My camera and lenses are also sanitized before and after the sessions take place.

  • The waiting area seats are also thoroughly steamed before and after each session.

  • Backgrounds are steamed.

  • Cake smash flooring is carefully sanitized for food to be consumed properly and safely.

  • Every time a new session commences, a new set of masks and clean clothes are going to be used.

  • Hands are washed before each session, sanitized every time a baby/child/client is touched and washed with water and soap after the session is concluded.

  • My studio offers hand sanitizers for clients to use, as well as fresh filtered water and light refreshments. 

  • I normally remind my clients to have their hands sanitized or washed after changing their baby’s diaper.

  • The diaper station is sanitized prior and after each photo session, every time it is used.  

  • Besides having a modern and potent whole building purifier air system in the studio, we still require our clients, and staff, to wear clean and fresh masks.

  • Clients will have their body temperature verified prior to the session and a C-19 waiver form will be requested to be signed prior to the session.

  • In order to have everyone's health and safety protected, these are non-negotiable safety practices that are part of our studio policies and work ethics.

3. When should I book a newborn photography session? 

It is never too early to have your session booked and your schedule is taken care of.

My suggestion is that if you have this task taken care of when you approach your second trimester, it will bring you peace of mind. Some moms and parents prefer to wait until about one month prior to their due date or even after the baby has been delivered. In this last case scenario, it might not be guaranteed the date will be available on my schedule. Once you have your session secured with me, I will be in charge of the agenda and will follow it up with you a designated representative of your trust. Your session will be entered having in mind your due date and also being flexible with the baby's grand entrance into this world. Sometimes the due date is not the exact day a baby will be delivered. In some instances, a baby can arrive even a couple of weeks earlier than expected or later. Either way, me and/or my team will be with our heads up waiting for the great news, and ready to make adjustments in my agenda. 

4. What is the best time to book my newborn session?

It is a good idea to keep in mind that it is never too early to book a newborn session. Once your baby is born, you will be experiencing a whole new world of experiences in awe of that new life.

Booking a newborn session in the early months of pregnancy ensures you won’t be dealing with last minutes items in your to-do list as well as not missing the chance for capturing those precious timeless moments and/or the fresh 48 hours in the hospital.

I always try to fit last-minute requests into my schedule but it is not always possible or guarantee this will happen.

The newborn session is ideally best recommended when photographed between 5 to 15 days old. This is when I will be able to capture the most beautiful curly poses as seen on your inspirational medias. After your color selection, we will have all items ready, sanitized, and prepared to delight your heart. We will be providing hats, blankets, flower adornments, tiaras, flooring, bowls, baskets, tiny beds, half-moon, stools, and other props. Due to pandemic safety protocol, we are reducing the amount of traffic in our studio. Only parents and guardians are encouraged to be included in the newborn photography session.

5. What happens if my baby comes earlier than expected?

In case the baby comes earlier than expected, please be so kind to let me know as soon as you can. This way I can review and reorganize my schedule. As mentioned in question #4, many times the predicted due date can vary. We will be here for you, either way. 

6. When is the best time to bring my baby to you? When will the images look their most artistic?

Normally the traditional posed newborn photos are made with, very young babies, between the age of 5 to 10 days old and there is a reason for this! During these first two weeks, the baby’s body is still under the most flexible conditions and if he/she was still accommodated inside his/her mother's womb, Consequently, the poses will feel more natural and comfortable to the newborn. Most of the time, the posing flow will happen organically, and you will be able to receive the most precious images of your new baby. Another advantage of having your newborn being photographed in his/her first two weeks of life is not having, possible, tummy aches and being able to naturally sleep longer periods of time. This factor will make the photographer’s workflow more efficiently to offer parents a richer variety of heart-melting poses and, consequently, adorable timeless images.

7. Which hospitals do you normally go to?

So far, I have photographed the Fresh 48 hours of babies in Denver metropolitan area only. Some of the hospitals I have been are: Sky Ridge Medical Center, Parker Adventist Hospital, Littleton Adventist Hospital, and Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver. I am available to work in other hospitals in the nearby area as well. Please feel comfortable and do not hesitate to ask if I am available to travel to other hospitals not listed in this question.

Update: We are following pandemic restrictions. Some hospitals might not allow third parties visiting or photographing. It is always a good idea to double check on this item, as mandatory regulations can change from time to time, these days...

8. Where does the newborn session normally take place? 

The newborn session, normally, takes place in my family-oriented studio. We are insured and have liability for your peace of mind and protection. All sanitation and pandemic protocols have been implemented for everyone's safety and peace of mind. 

In case of concerns, you are more than welcome to schedule a studio tour prior to your session and verify all the details for yourself.

LDV Studio is designed to offer comfort and safety for you and your baby.

We recommend the session to be as relaxed as possible with the baby accompanied by immediate family, only. Sessions that incorporate siblings will be scheduled and carefully planned. Otherwise, we encourage the minimum number of participants as possible, restricting to parents and guardians only. When bringing another sibling you will receive instructions on how to proceed, according to our safety guidelines. 


9. What is your preferred timeframe to start a newborn session?

We understand that some parents will be driving from surrounding areas to our studio.

Also, as we live in the four seasons country, we have consideration of your safety and sudden weather changes. With all these factors in mind, for your safety and convenience, we have selected a flexible window to work with you and your newborn.

All sessions take place from Monday through Saturday with a window frame of 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at my studio located in the Wheatlands, nearby Southlands Mall and Aurora Reservoir. Our physical address is 25320 E. Aberdeen Drive, Aurora, CO 80016.

10. Who can I bring to the session? 

Newborns are overly sensitive and delicate little human beings who are gradually being introduced to our usual environment which is totally new to them. With that being said it’s highly recommended that, in order to keep a calm and quiet environment, your session is strictly accompanied by parents and/or guardians only. Older siblings normally feel bored easily while having to wait for their newborn sibling to be release from their photo session. 

11. What if siblings and/or parents would like to be a part of the session?

We absolutely love photographing newborns, parents, and siblings. Watch new families growing is such a wonderful joy to work with, meet and learn about everyone involved in the process. In this case, no worries, As mentioned previously, in question number 10, if you have other children who would love to be part of the newborn session, please let me know during our consultation and a specific plan will be made for a successful session. 

Due to safety and control during the pandemic, I have packages focusing only on the newborn baby and others including siblings and parents. Normally, right after older siblings are done with their role in the session, we ask one of the guardians or parents to keep them outside to assure everyone’s protection and, consequently, maintain a low noise ambiance that is suitable and pleasant for your baby.

Our sessions are exclusively tailored to your needs, so we will plan and prepare accommodations to make sure they will run as smoothly as possible. Please refer to packages that include sibling and family photos.

12. Can I bring pets to your studio?

At this moment we are not taking pets into our studio, as we have two little ones - non-allergic breeds - which will be contained and enclosed on a separate area to avoid distractions during all our sessions. By bringing another pet into the studio, it might sense, or even smell, the presence of another one, hidden somewhere in the same building, and it can bring anxiety and to your pet. In addition, my studio is totally sanitized to receive babies and, unfortunately, it is not prepared to receive pets. We offer outdoor family sessions on a selected beautiful location nearby. 

13. Can I also take pictures?

Behind the scenes or real time pictures, are allowed with photographer's approval, in order to keep our studio exclusive and safe. Any type of additional photography by anyone, other than Layne Fernandes, with the intention and purpose that is not for personal use only, during the course of the session, is strictly prohibited. This statement applies to all types of photography devices, such as video cameras, spy pens with cameras, photo cameras, cell phones, etc. We ask and thank you for understanding this policy of our studio.

14. Is my newborn going to be naked during the session?

We have different packages which include naked and non-naked baby poses. We will always follow your choice, preference and will respect your requests by doing our best to accommodate your request as best as we can. 

15. Can you photograph newborn twins or triplets as well?

The joy is fantastic when a bundle of joy comes in double or triple! Also, the logistics for the photographer to accommodate and handle more than one baby at once, changes. It becomes a ball game a bit more complex. For situations as described, there is an additional charge of $80 for a second baby and $50 for the third baby. We will, more than ever, count on the skills, attention, care, and extended help of our experienced assistant and photographer. Parents may also take turns in assisting in different tasks. The need for a larger team is recommended in this scenario. 

16. Do I need to provide any outfit or accessory for my newborn photo session?

It is not necessary. You don’t need to worry about absolutely anything. Everything will be ready, clean, planned and all selected settings will be waiting for your arrival. Our studio is happy to provide the settings, garments, props, and all of the necessary production for heart-touching unique images of your newborn baby.

The only thing you will need to bring is the recommended food for your baby and essential hygienic items, such as extra changes of clothes, fresh and clean diapers, pacifier, and baby formula, if applicable.

We do not provide extra diapers due to allergic reactions some babies might have by introducing a new product brand in close contact with their delicate skin. As well as diaper creams and wet wipes. 

Please refer to our item - Parents’ kit – What to bring.

Should you have any other questions or think about anything else, please feel more than comfortable asking. You can always send me a text message for quick verifications. 


17. May I bring a family heirloom item to the session?

If you have a family heirloom item and would love to see it featured in your newborn session, please let me know and, make sure, you will have it properly sanitized prior to your session. I will provide you the guidelines to have it properly handled, packed, and prepared to bring it into our studio. We suggest that you limit your heirloom selection to up to (1-2) items, maximum.

18. Which props do you have?

In order to provide a rich and wide variety for our clients to choose from, we have several props. Our collections are constantly growing as well as being recycled and replaced by brand new ones. 

I also have my own exclusive line of handmade, designed props made out of organic fabrics, cotton, organic wool, twine, and hand-picked delicate embellishments to enhance the magic and enchantment of our creations. 

Our crafted items are safety knitted with the intent of enhancing the natural beauty of your baby. We have a variety of delightful accessories such as headbands, hats, blankets, wraps, rompers, baskets, crates, half moon, half stool, bean bag, wicker, metal, mini stroller, stools, and wood bowls to suit your needs. These items are all brand new and safely inspected to being used. You also will be presented with a variety of colors combinations to suit your taste. 

19. I saw a newborn pose in a magazine or online. Can you replicate it?

Regarding social media images, magazines, and other sources of personal sources of inspiration, it all can be discussed during consultation and I will let you know if the desired pose will have pros and cons according to how many days your baby is new. 

We will be extra careful and gently testing your baby's level of flexibility prior to the session. We always keep in mind that your baby's safety and wellbeing come before anything else. If a certain pose is not desired by the baby to perform, being difficult or uncomfortable to his/her level of flexibility then that pose might not be suitable for the session. Many times the baby decides to be the boss and the director of his/her own show and the photographer must bring another easier pose to the table. 

20. What can you do if I really want a specific prop and both of us don't have it? 

In this case, you will be describing or identifying the prop you have in mind and we will see how possible it will be to have it replicated or purchased. Sometimes props will come from overseas and, due to shipping and handling delays caused by the pandemic, it won't be possible to have it in time for your newborn session. 

If the item is something we already have in our inventory then we are happy campers. Otherwise, we will see what it is and how to have it during your session. 

21. How to prepare for a session?

After your retaining fee is formally received in our systems, we will start developing a plan which is unique for your session. We will be working closely, as a team, in order to create a successful section. You will be receiving all the details and guidance from our end. Our clients are responsible for following the provided session guidelines for the success of the session. 

22. How long does a newborn session normally last?

Newborn sessions can vary, according to each baby's behavior, lasting between 2 to 3 hours.

Newborn babies can be extremely sensitive in their first days, while adjusting to his/her new world and many factors can be influencers to his/her behavior, such as lack of sleep, level of hunger, hiccups, mood swings, reflux, and many others. Some babies require to feel dry all the time and even a drop of pee can affect his/her mood. All attention is necessary to keep the baby feeling as happy and safe as we can. We will be following a protocol that can guarantee a peaceful and quiet session. This is another reason why we provide restroom, Wi-Fi, light refreshments, and bathroom to parents who spend these 3 hours as best as we can with us. Patience and love and feeding breaks are the best-recommended solutions for a successful session. 

23.  How do you handle a crying baby during a session?

As a mom, and animal lover, I have the sensibility, knowledge, experience, and understanding that newborn babies can be very sensitive to the new ambiance and many factors can be contributors to stimulate a cry. We will make sure the baby feels as comfortable and safe as possible as well as temperature verification and monitoring bodily signals, such as level of irritability, hunger, bad night sleep, and others. After trying it all and success wasn't granted by the baby, we suggest that your session is rescheduled to our next available day when hopefully a good night's sleep and extra cuddles from mom and daddy can make a huge difference in the success of the session. 

24. What if I don’t want any props for my newborn session

It is all good! We can tailor a session according to how you envision it for your baby and have it simple, sweet, and classic to please you and your minimalistic style. Before your session takes place, during the planning phase, we will discuss all the details. 

25. My body has changed after giving birth and I don’t know what to wear… Please help me...

Don't you worry dear, I have been in your shoes. 

I have created a style guide for you and your family. You will be receiving this guide after your session is booked and penciled in my planner. Another suggestion is if you desire and if it fits your budget, I can refer you to a Color Consultant prior to your session. 

Remember that your baby is the star of the session, so neutral colors are good suitable options - blush, cream, tan, light gray, green, denim. Off-shoulder tops, maxi dresses, dainty jewelry coordinated with the same color family for your partner, husband, or significant other. I do not recommend spaghetti straps. Classic long sleeve shirts for the guys, slacks, or good quality denim. 

26. Release Forms

a. Model Release:

Images displayed in my social media, website, composites, and marketing materials are previously authorized by clients or minor’s parents/guardians, via a document called Model Release. For safety reasons, which is our priority and confidentiality, your personal information won’t be shared and we will respect your desire should you wish not to have your images displayed in my online portfolio.

The copyrights of all photographic images are owned by La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes, only. Layne Fernandes, Photographer, and Owner reserves the right to utilize and publish the said image in any manner including, but not limited to, editorial, trade, advertising, marketing, composites, and display.

All image and video content are owned and copyrighted by La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

All images on La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes’ website, viewing gallery, Facebook, Instagram, and all other online and social media vehicles, may not be saved, copied, or downloaded to ANY storage device – computer, cell phone, others in ANY manner, such as screenshots, screen-grab, direct download, etc.

Any images downloaded, transferred, distributed, or used without purchase will be invoiced for the full amount. Payment will be due on demand.

b. Print Release Form

Clients hold the right to make prints and share their images on social media for personal use only. This applies to those images purchased as part of a collection, album, or wall art, only.


27. What is your turnaround?

We follow a logistic for the flow of our studio and the estimated processing time of your digital images is, usually, one to two business weeks for your presentation and product order. Clients who live out of state or town can have their presentation sessions arranged via Zoom. Afterward, we will have your delivery date scheduled in our calendar, according to the nature of your final order. Regarding albums, folio boxes, and wall arts, delivery time is to be verified according to the nature of your order, processing, and shipment from our vendors to our studio or straight to your home. 

An online gallery is available under specific circumstances. 


28. Do you provide spoilers?

I normally do my best to stay inside the frame of a tight schedule and should you request to see any image before the agreed timeframe, a $50 dollar fee will be added to your final balance as an additional hourly work done out of my programmed agenda and regular work schedule.


29. How will the digital files be delivered?

Your digital files will be delivered via electronic transfer. Electronic download. 

You will receive the instruction on how to proceed with the download of your images.

Your selected package will disclaim how many items you will be receiving for your collection and these files will be presented to you in professionally edited and high-resolution manners, in color and B&W, along with your print release. All remaining extra files will be, conveniently, delivered in Web-sized format, in color.



30. Backups

I strongly recommend that you have your images backed up and properly stored as soon as you have them downloaded. In case of computer accidents or damage on your end, I will maintain a copy of your files for 3 months period on my end. After the period of 3 months of your image being stored in my mainframe, I will charge a fee of $ 60 dollars to have it recovered. After this 3 month period, there will be no promises that I will still have your images stored on our computer.  Remember that is your responsibility to keep your files safe and backed up. 

31. What if I change my mind and want to purchase more images?

No, worries. You can start with one package or even one a la carte selection from our menu and have your choice upgraded as you move along the process. 

32. What if I want to purchase an extra album?

Extra albums are available with an additional discount. 


33. Why are professional private photographers more expensive than amateurs or popular studios?

We all know that photography is one of the most competitive fields for somebody to be in and try to make a living at the same time. Basically, most professions have been saturated nowadays...At the same time, this statement is valid for so many other professions. Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Builders, Contractors, everyone is part of this competitive market and if you think about what could be easier, the answer is: there is nothing easy nowadays. If we think about coming up with an invention, and give our idea a closer look, we'll see that it has already been taken over by someone else… There is no magic or creative answer to what reality is about.

In my case, I just decided to do what I have been wanting to do for a long time...

I am a person who speaks from my heart, who has worked till late hours night after night and day after day to make a living in a new country and have a reputable family. So, I have been in your shoes and I totally understand what you mean, what your deep concerns are, and the many reasons your procrastination can be tied to.

It took me time to learn the answers to this question, the hard way. Basically, only after experiencing life as being a photographer who hustled to learn every step of this career and who takes it seriously enough to make a living with it, having photography as my only source of income and be able to contribute to my family, as well as feeling validated as professional who contributes to the society, I had to face the reality and start seeing it with a serious perspective, not from a hobbyist’s point of view. I can tell you that I have devoted years of my life, borrowing night hours to study and put together all you can see now. I have saved every penny to buy quality equipment to provide the best images to you. My days haven't had as many hours as they used to have in the past. I admit that I still sacrifice my family and the childhood of my son to get this done as best of my abilities can permit me to deliver the best to YOU. I am not able to tell how many countless hours I have spent to perfect and master my craft, and I still do this. I have also invested, monetarily speaking, in my personal and professional development, I have worked for free to learn how to master my equipment and pose models, I have paid to learn from the most successful mentors and all investments in props, lenses, cameras, certifications, I have spent thousands of dollars in education – which is probably equivalent to the amount spent in one of my previous academic degrees. This is a never-ending story to me. My husband and I have worked really hard, with our labor and sweat, to build a studio space to have the pleasure to receive you here during all season. When it is freezing outside you can come to my studio and feel safe and comfortable here. 

I want my clients to feel like superstars. I can say that I have prepared myself in, all possible ways, that my clients can have the convenience to just show up and I will take care of the rest for them. I am pleased to say I have prepared myself to provide you gorgeous quality images and products. I exclusively design and have items handmade for my brand I am not embarrassed to say that my clients are VIP to me, I want them to receive luxury treatment and not have to worry about absolutely anything. They mean the world to me, and I will take care of them the best way I can by holding their hands from the beginning till the final delivery of their order. I truly put my heart, dreams, and soul into all I do. I believe this makes me different and worth every penny invested in work by hiring me. I love to help my clients have their homes decorated and color-coordinated with the help of my personal touch and art. 

34. Payment Method

After our phone conversation or, meet and greet, free consultation, we suggest that you have your retaining fee paid.  This way your session and date will be secured.

You can start with one package in mind and, later, have it upgraded to a different one that will be better suiting your needs.

Your retaining fee ranges from $ 120, regular sessions, to $200 for newborn sessions.

All prices listed are subjected to sales taxes.

The Retaining Fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from your final remaining balance. 

The remaining amount of your payment will be due on the day of your session or, for your convenience, you can have it paid in parcels until the day of your ordered product being delivered, 

We also offer payment plans on albums, house décor, and wall arts.

In-home and office décor consultations are our courtesy.

We are currently accepting payments via: Visa, Zelle, Venmo, Checks, Cash, or Invoiced by QuickBooks.

Please let me know which is your preferred method of payment and I will provide you with the proper method of your payment.

35. Reservations, Cancellations, or No Show

As a friendly courtesy on our end, your retaining fee is required in lieu of a session fee. In case of cancellation or no show, your retaining fee becomes a non-refundable session/creation fee of the selected date and time your session would be taking place.

Retaining Fees also cover the time and talent of the photographer and DO NOT include prints, products, or digital images of any nature. Images and products must be purchased through one of the Collections listed on the Investment Menu. 

In case of a sudden personal or immediate family sickness or accident from your photographer’s end, you will be receiving a full refund of your deposit or having the option to have your session rescheduled to the first opening in our agenda.

Outdoor sessions can be rescheduled to a different date, in case of cautious weather conditions are required.

Courteously and professionally, from both endings, we ask for your understanding and commitment in regard to this subject.

Session dates and times are based on available times and dates may be subject to change based on the uncertainty involved in forecasting exact dates of newborn arrivals. In this instance, bookings will be handled on a priority basis.

La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes shall not be liable to the client for the cancellation of a session because of an event or circumstances beyond its control, including, but not limited to, weather, equipment failure, sickness, injury, or act of God. In the event of a cancellation due to extenuating circumstances, a new session date will be set.

36. Session Fee, Creation Fee, Sitting Fee

As a courtesy to our clients, La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes is not requesting such fees during C-19. We have requested the Retaining Fee instead. This is another incentive offered by us, so you can be part of our family as a new or returning client. 

37. Return Policy

Due to the custom nature of my photography work, business, products and services, all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. 

Gift cards are non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash. 


38. Final Notice – Terms and Conditions

By accepting this document via e-mail, by booking your session, by sending us your Retaining Fee, you accept and agree with the terms and conditions described herein, having these Terms and Conditions validated and consented as an official service agreement.

Thank you for your inquiry. I look forward to working with you!

Contact me today to start planning an exclusive session for your maternity, adoption, newborn, baby milestones, cake smash and family! These are very special life events! 

I also provide professional headshots for a facelift on your social media, dating site, or resume.

My studio and I will be ready and waiting for you!

Warm regards, 

-Layne Fernandes

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