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cake smash!

Safety, Precautious Health Measurements, and Hygiene protocols are taken seriously in my studio. 

Our whole building's air purifying system is constantly running to ensure peace of mind for your session to be fully enjoyed! 


Cake Smash or Smash the Cake photography can beautifully decorate your home, family albums, and office!

Let your family and friends know about important developmental milestones (not to mention all the laughs when the child grows up!)

As a professional family photographer, I can definitely say this is the cutest opportunity to show a child's personality as well as a replacement for a large group celebration during the pandemic times or simply for more comfort and convenience for you and your baby, at the comfort of our family-friendly studio environment. 

Adorable little girl smashing her first birthday cake for portrait inside photography studio in Aurora, 80016.
Gorgeous little girl enjoying her Splash Bath after Smashing her first birthday Cake in the studio. What a beautiful special portrait... Awww so sweet...

No mess at home. Easy on parents. Fun for the baby. Timeless must-have memories!


Pricing includes:

  • Consultation.

  • Time & talent of the Photographer, including researching, designing the theme or incrementing backdrop, hand-editing, processing your digital images, and final delivery.  

  • Studio maintenance: sanitation, set up, production, and clean up.

  • White Cake ordering and pick up, time and travel. 

  • Payment plans available. 

Next steps on your Cake Smash Session with Layne Fernandes:
  • This is a one-of-a-kind birthday celebration. There is so much you can do with it. You only need to bring your little one, and I will take care of the rest! 

Cake Smash Photography Fact and My "Why": 
"Photography is healing experience and makes a child feel appreciated with boosted self-confidence when they see their own photos displayed around their homes..."​


Start planning your Cake Smash Photo Session with Layne Fernandes today!

Every cake has a story to tell...

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for your Cake Smash Session:

  • Whenever possible, of course..., the ideal timeframe for planning an elaborate, artistic Cake Smash Session is at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to the day of the session. Planning ahead is key to a stress-free, successful Smash Session to die for! 

  • Mostly for 1st and 2nd birthday celebrations, not restricted to, in our modern society with non-stopping changing traditions: from 1 to 100 years old!  

  • Normally, Cake Smash sessions last up to 90 minutes.

  • White buttercream icing petite cake is provided by the studio.  The cake comes from an outside bakery. However, many parents bring their own cake due to possible food and allergy restrictions. Different cake styles are to be discussed and approved by Designer Photographer. For those elaborate cakes, we offer a list of bakeries - surrounding area 80016. 
  • Package descriptions are subject to change from time to time so that clients will experience exclusive one of kind photo sessions!
  • After contacting me, the client's quote is valid for 7 (seven) business days. 

  • Health, hygiene, safety and lots of LOVE are taken seriously at the studio. We follow CDC guidelines and mandatory studio protocols.

  • Our sessions are limited to immediate family members only: parents or siblings before the baby's session. 

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