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welcome to La Dolce Vita family!

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meet layne

Photographer & Owner

FROM: Sao Paulo, Brazil

BIRTH MONTH: February - Aquarius

FAVORITE COLOR: Shades of blue


HOBBIES: Gardening, Crafts and Reading

TO DO LIST: Visit Europe

ACTIVITIES: Yoga, Meditation & Riding my bicycle

OTHERS: Friends, Family, Pets, and Nature!

Hey !


Welcome to La Dolce Vita Photography family!

I am a mom, wife, daughter and I have developed so many other helpful skills throughout my lifetime...

I started my career as a Second Language Teacher and life presented me with other opportunities that were worth trying. 

My passion for photography started as a little girl when cameras looked like a box and rolls of films were treasured. 

Ever since those very young days, my little eyes have always found enjoyment in observing the world in all aspects: nature, little bugs and insects, objects, colors, textures and observing the uniqueness of human faces. Uniqueness is what distinguishes one from another with our different features, tastes and preferences on everything... 

Our eyes can see thousands of random images every day but how many moments or how many images will really catch your attention to make you stop, for a minute, and direct your attention to it?

With that being said, this is basically how I realized the importance of photography and its healing power acting in my own being, as the little girl I once was...

There was ONE black and white poster displayed on the wall, of our small home, in a town that wasn't as developed as it is nowadays... I remember that poster made me so proud of myself. I remember the day a photographer came to our house and I got to pick the dress I wanted to wear... The top was white, with and embroidered flower on the chest. The skirt was plaid in black and white with a few other flowers embroidered on the fabric. It was one of my favorite dresses! I did not have a wardrobe full of dresses but the ones I had were very special to me. I used to think: "I want to do this beautiful work to others, so they can feel special.. I want to see people's images displayed inside their own homes too!" 

From all of those random images, coming from different sources, that we see every single day, which of them has the power to stop all you are doing and capture your attention by taking your breath away? It is normally the image of your babies, children, family, pets that will bring goosebumps and turn necks to the side while you walk across the hallway, pass in front of a bedroom or when you go up the stairway... 

When we see pictures, that truly represent really important moments to us, we realize there is a mystery, a wow, a magic that shows what a powerful moment feels like. 

As a maternity, newborn, children and family photographer, I dedicated myself to learn the basics of this art and improving this craft has been a daily mission that I have done with contentment in my heart and soul. 

For me, the first newborn pictures that I took, with the most amount of emotion in my heart, was almost ten years ago... of my beautiful baby that I was welcoming to this world. It was seeing my parents holding that first grandson in their arms and witnessing the miracle of life making presence and promising a continuation to the legacy of our small family... I remember that I felt this incredible powerful feeling of how precious and delicate he was. The absolute power of innocence with an entire world awaiting for him to grow and become a productive member of our society... In those days, nights were long and days were short... At the same time I wanted to see that little baby growing, I wanted to enjoy, as much as I could, every second of my baby being so little and totally reliable on me... 

As a professional photographer, I've had the opportunity to working with many babies and getting to see their unique personalities. I love capturing their fresh newborn features, so parents can keep those precious moments vivid in their eyes... 

I enjoy inventing, improvising and creating different scenarios for little children who come to the studio. I also like being minimalistic sometimes. 

It took me years of dedication to see my dreams and vision becoming the reality I have today, so I can do what I do and truly serve my clients. When I see, all of my hard work, in beautifully framed wall arts or albums and clients' happy faces... I remind myself of keeping taking breaths away... it is so wonderful... 

I have developed the skills, experience and the patience needed to ensure your newborn, child or family session is handled safely and in positive manners. Our studio policy is to respect our babies needs and limits. We interact with children and develop beautiful relationships with families who look for our services. 

Our studio is insured and have legal liability to be operating in this field. One of my umbrellas is being affiliated to APNPI - Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International. I receive constant professional development training, regulations updates and get to know what is new in this field. Safety to our babies and families always comes first. 

I see newborns as not simply small children and their bodily functions act in different ways compared to the average children. For one, newborn's metabolic and physiologic needs are quite different than older children or adults and they have built in reflexes to help them, and us, in meeting and understanding their needs.

I am delighted to work with babies and watch them grow and I admit that I love my job!

I look forward to delivering many more memories and build new relationships with wonderful clients over the coming years, by telling their unique story.

​Please take a moment to visit La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes' website and do not hesitate to get in touch or ask questions! 

I am Layne Fernandes and I welcome you to becoming a part of La Dolce Vita Photography Family, where we can create beautiful and meaningful magical memories together! 

Thank you! Obrigada! Gracias! 

- Layne Fernandes


Contact me to schedule your special photography session today!

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