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professional headshots

Your vibe attracts your tribe!

Elevate your professional brand by allowing me to capture your unique blend of magic for the purpose you want to achieve.

Professional photography reinforces your personal brand, elevates your confidence, and is an excellent way to stand out in your field as an authority!

A visual portfolio reflects your authenticity and delivers the personality of your unique brand, personality, and style.

Get ready to refresh your profile with beautiful images!

Creative outdoor headshot sessions for Men!  By Layne Fernandes. La Dolce Vita Photography.

In our modern world, your professional headshot photography represents you and showcases your best self.

Headshots can be used for resumes, contact sheets, social media presence, real estate, attorneys, online dating, and more!

Our headshot sessions are fun and relaxed. It includes courtesy consultation on your best-polished look, according to your style and personality, as well as suggestions on hair, make-up, nails, and your favorite personal garments that are cohesive to the image you want to convey to the world for that BEST first impression.

You will be surprised how comfortable you feel during a session with me - Besides being a Professional Photographer in Denver Metro, for the past decade, I have an international background in Marketing, Business, Teaching, and Economics!

I understand the importance of presenting yourself to the world with the power of great images - I'm here to help you!


The world is yours!

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