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Senior Portraiture Experience in Denver, Colorado

Updated: Jan 19

Written by: Layne Fernandes

Updated and refreshed: January 19th, 2024

Do you have a High School Senior or Kindergartner "Senior"?

Here at La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes, student celebration does not have to happen only during Senior Year but at the end of each phase, for a portfolio of beautiful memories. This way, when you are looking back in a time that flies by the blink of your eyes, you have provided a rich portfolio, full of beautiful stories of the legacy of your little one.

This photo shows, my little one, when he graduated from kindergarten.

I am now, having him prepared for his Elementary School graduation, which will happen in a year from now. I know his Senior Photo Session will be here before my eyes too! It is amazing how this timeline will go so fast!

All copyrights of text and image are reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.
Kindergarten graduation portraiture by Layne Fernandes. La Dolce Vita Photography.

How to get started with Professional Senior Photos?

Do you have a date and location in mind? Are you comfortable with the studio or do you like both?

Depending what the time of the year is about here in Denver, sometimes I suggest one, another or both: studio and outdoors for a beautiful documentation of what the Senior Session should be about.

Steps are:

Contact Layne Fernandes and select a date for the session. In case you are not sure of how and where to start, I am here to help you.

Ways to find me:

1. Fill out the form found via website:

2. E-mail:

3. Phone or text:

720.532.3111 (business days and business hours only, please).

Where do I take photos?

My photos are taken in my home-studio or outdoors locations.

I am located at 80016.

My pre-selected beautiful outdoor locations can be easily shared per request.

All copyrights of text and image are reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.
Outdoor photo session for Senior graduation portraiture.

Preparing for Senior Portraits

Do you know how to access your closet and figure out what to wear?

One of the steps of my job is to help you find what to wear. I will be available to invest my time in you, as my client, much more than you might think as being the person behind a fancy camera, pushing a button to guarantee a number of clicks. If you think this is the only thing I do... wrong! My relationship and professionalism with clients go way beyond clicks.

When guiding clients on the process, one of the steps is to advice them what not to wear.

The initial elimination process of what to avoid is:

  • Shoes that are not practical for the selected ambiance, and it will make difficult to walk around.

  • Avoid logos and graphic t-shirts.

  • Avoid excess jewelry or tiny items that can get lost during the photoshoot.

  • Avoid dressing in ways that do not represent yourself. Bring extra layers or accessories that can easily change the looks of your clothing and increase the variety of your photoshoot. Easy to transport. Remember to dress accordingly to weather conditions and bring a bag with necessities like lip gloss and facial power to reduce sweat and the appearance of oily skin.

  • Do not worry about all of these things now. I normally provide a guide for you!

Senior Year Photo Session in Denver Metro

When it comes to photographing teenagers, there are many things I love! This is the time when High School Seniors are in the best of their essence of being youth and about to jump into a new world. The fact that I can capture the uniqueness of each personality is very beautiful.

I am often told by parents how amazed they are with my natural abilities of making a shy teenager feel comfortable in front of my camera and their willingness to keep going with the photoshoot. I normally try to maintain a good creative workflow so their personality will bloom spontaneously.

My style is to prompt High School Seniors and young kids into a variety of simple poses, in a way that feels natural, and the result will be a variety of posed and non-posed images to be cherished for a lifetime.

Outdoor sessions take up to 1 and a half hour long as we move from one side of location to another, change outfits, stay hydrated and enjoy the moment. Time will fly by!

Studio sessions take up to an hour.

Parents love to be present during their Seniors session. I love to make new connections and allow parents or a best friend to be of help during the session, whenever needed. Sometimes Mom and grandma are present. I notice them catching up in conversation with each other while their child is being photographed, sometimes they discuss what they will be having for supper and others sharing the latest of what happened between family members. It is just so nice to share the moment having a family member or a best friend around. Just a thought, something to think about. Afterall, it is all about memories…

All copyrights of text and image are reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.
Outdoor senior graduation portraiture.

After the session

While my turnaround is about 3 weeks, I have been sending clients their proof galleries in about a week! I confess that I too, get really excited about the photo session and I cannot wait to see how they turned out!

Once their images have been selected, I jump into my artistic skills and work individually on each image for you to have, to hold and get ready to share with your family and friends, tag me online and let the showing and telling party begin! The best part is when a wall art or albums are delivered. The physical products generated by a photography session always tie the knot of special chapters of life.

Who am I?

I'm Layne Fernandes with La Dolce Vita Photography. This visual art has been in my blood since I was a little girl. My style is to represent yours by adding my touch of magic in artistic ways. I love to incorporate contemporary techniques that tells unique stories for maternity, newborn, cake smashes and family photography.

Contact me and schedule a beautiful portraiture session for your young graduate!


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