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Preparing for Professional Headshots and Portraits Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 19

How do you feel?

I am a firm believer that how you feel and how you have set your tone to start the day is the most important factor to determine the flow of our next 12ish hours in the day.

With the sky being the limit on what you can do on your day and have the control of your actions and make you feel connected, comfortable and excited about your day, is the first step of a path of success.

Another thought of mine that I want to share is the more personalized your day is to you, the more meaningful the journey will be.

This is where I get in!

Whatever adventure you decide to pursue in life, you need to put strategies together, some go through trials and errors but your website and your social media vehicles are the beautiful window of your store and the portal to start new dreams and change lives!

I am here to help you elevate your brand with beautiful professional headshots.

Photography and written publication is a copywrite © creation by Layne Fernandes, La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes. All Rights Reserved by Layne Fernandes. Copy, without previous authorization, is prohibited. © April, 2023.

What type of objection do you have?

I understand your dreadful feeling of getting your photo taken and being in front of someone's else camera. I also understand it is hard to trust your time and emotions in someone you’ve basically barely met.

With La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes, I promise that you don’t have to worry that your time or money will be wasted.

I am a simple person at heart and my natural way of dealing with people I have met has provided me with the ability to working with several backgrounds and have conversations engage with absolutely everyone! I normally guide my clients naturally in the process, you will feel at ease, and your personality will shine!

I have worked with introverted kids, teenagers, and adults for over a decade, and they have been my returning clients!

It’s now your turn to shine and be the light in my studio!

Photography and written publication is a copywrite © creation by Layne Fernandes, La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes. All Rights Reserved by Layne Fernandes. Copy, without previous authorization, is prohibited. © April, 2023.

Preparing for your studio session

Life is always busy, and it does not get any easier, so make sure to add to your calendar time to prepare for your photoshoot, preferably, a few days ahead of time.

Why is that?

Making time to assess your closet and accessories will be an investment to a desirable outcome. Make sure to present yourself clean and well-groomed during your photo session. Is it time to refresh highlights, have a new haircut, disguise gray roots, trim facial hair, have your nails done professionally?

I always recommend that days before your photo shoot, you follow a healthy skin care routine, get plenty of rest, hydrate your body and plan your outfits. Sometimes a button is missing, or the garment is stained for being without usage in months inside the closet. These basic steps should help, not only, you look fantastic but also feel boosted with confidence when it’s time to take your photos.

Best backgrounds for headshot sessions

The focus of a professional headshot session is YOU! The backdrop used should be simple in a way that highlights your features, personality and allows you to show yourself according to your field of expertise.

Generally, solid neutral colors are the best bet! A brick or wooden wall can also be used, depending on the message you want to convey to your audience.

Popular colors are in the grey scheme, champagne and white family.

When headshots are tied to business lifestyles, outdoors and indoor sceneries must be simple and uncluttered.

Why do I need a Professional Headshot?

Professional headshots including face, half body or full body, can be used anytime a photograph is requested or needed for several instances in life. This type of photography shows your clean image and professionalism in the type of work you do and wish to convey to your audience. Through updated Professional Headshots, a brand becomes more respected and recognizable by the audience.

Photography and written publication is a copywrite © creation by Layne Fernandes, La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes. All Rights Reserved by Layne Fernandes. Copy, without previous authorization, is prohibited. © April, 2023.

Great professional headshots

A real good professional headshot shows:

a. Your true personality: try to relax and be who you are during the session.

b. Your face being recognizable when meeting clients in person. A great headshot does not cast heavy shadows to hide your face.

c. You appear friendly, natural, relaxed, and experienced in your field.

d. You accept yourself as you are.

e. Your clothing, makeup, hair, and nails are clean and without wrinkles.

f. Your jewelry and accessories look professional and not distracting.

How often do I need a headshot?

Think about a passport which is required to be renewed on a certain period, so is your professional headshot.

Your audience, clients and target market won’t face any problems in recognizing you, when they see a true match between your headshot portrait and you in person. True matches and accurate depiction bring trust to a brand.

In the event of new haircuts, hair color changes, new tattoos, weight loss and gain, bare face, mustache, full beard, and natural aging process all reflect the image you want to convey by reflecting who you are and how you want to be recognized. In this case, if you go through different changes and looks throughout the year, it is recommended that you consider having headshots scheduled once or twice a year. New updates and refreshments on your photos shows dedication to clients and prospects.

When should I use headshots

If you want to use your professional headshots on your resume, social media, handle to friends or work, dating websites, modeling comp cards, and others instances, having updated headshots are the best option to keep your portfolio up to date and ready to go!

Relax and Smile for your Headshot Portrait Session

You have taken care of your outfits, make-up, hair, nails, and have done an assessment on your treasure box of accessories and jewelry. You have slept well and hydrated your body. It is now time to remember to be yourself, breathe, smile, shake your arms and hands to relax and look natural.

It is your photographer’s job to guide you and do the rest for a fun and comfortable experience, in a way that you will end up with photographs that you cannot wait to share, hear all about the comments, tag and be tagged!

Whether it is for your professional resume, online and social media presence, dating, graduation, wedding, modeling portfolio and comp cards, preparing for professional photographs call for those specific preparations. You want to look flawless and feel fantastic!

By sharing a little more of you, what you do and your goals for the photo session, can help your photographer feel the right vibes for you, break the ice and have a fabulous time!

Are you ready to have your portfolio updated and new photographs to share?

Do not forget to make prints and hand them out to your loved ones, the old traditional way! Because good old ways, never get old and the act of holding a physical photograph in your hands has always been something special. Some good things will never get old or out of style. These things will always be appreciated by the ones who are lucky to receive a printed portrait from you.

Contact me to schedule your Professional Headshots!

Steps are:

1. Start the conversation: Fill out the form from my website: | 720.532.3111 | Aurora, CO 80016.

2. Let’s plan your photo shoot!

3. Enjoy your beautiful new and updated portraits!


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