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Baby's first birthday celebration

Updated: Jan 19

When a child senses "belonging"

When children find photos of them being little, they feel special. Children love to look back at memories of themselves in albums, prints, wall arts and even when they find out their loved ones carry and treasure a wallet size print of them in their daily personal items, such as wallets and purses. These small discoveries can make children feel part of their group and family, as well as a wonderful sense of belonging.

All copyrights, images and text, reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

A child is not to be compared to others, the same way there is no comparison between the sun and moon. They shine when it is their time.

High quality Cake Smash Portraits

At La Dolce Vita Photography, Layne Fernandes, will work with you and will capture your baby's personality in her family friendly studio. The environment feels like home and it's relaxing with light refreshments provided or when that extra boost of caffeine is needed. Either way, she's got you covered!

Layne Fernandes, La Dolce Vita Photography, offers and provides professional studio photography services with state-of-the-art equipment and software. Layne hand-edits each photograph as an artisan with expertise and love for her craft.

The final results are stunning high-quality fine art portraits that will be cherished for a lifetime.

All copyrights, images and text, reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Secrets to a deliciously smash the cake photo session.

During your consultation, Layne will be verifying all your needs and vision for the perfect Cake Smash Photo Session at the studio. She offers a wide variety of themes and sessions that suit different tastes and budgets. When clients are not sure what they want, Layne can help them choose the perfect background, theme or set for your baby's first birthday celebration.

When you arrive at Layne's home-studio, we ensure best in cleanliness, equipment, backgrounds, props and sets. Everything will be ready and waiting for your baby to shine!

During your Smash Session, Layne will guide you through her unique workflow that feels natural to the baby and the session will run smoothly. There will be a variety of photos for you to choose from or simply stay with them all!

All copyrights, images and text, reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Cake Smash Sessions last from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes, approximately.

You can trust La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes, to deliver heart-melting images. Her experience and expertise date back to a decade of clicks, capturing a wide range of smiles from families, maternity, babies' milestones, headshots and teenagers. New growing families are welcome in the studio and families with grown children are also fantastic relationships!

Ready to get started with a Cake Smash Session?

Let Layne Fernandes tell your story through stunning portraits!

Contact Layne and Schedule a Cake Smash Session at her award-winning studio at the heart of beautiful Southeast Aurora, CO.

Are you ready to get smashed?

Let's book a session!

Call or text Layne Fernandes at: 720.532.3111

Aurora, CO 80016

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