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How to get your partner to agree to a photoshoot

Have you been in a situation where you really want a certain type of photo session, but you feel the need of asking for your Partner, Husband or Significant Other to agree and validate your desire of being photographed or photographing your baby and family to come true?

Before jumping into the secret sauce recipe, let me present you with some daily objections. I have noticed that not all women see themselves in a situation to make decisions on their own and need their partners’ approval for things or experiences they want to purchase. There is also another group of women who just want to share and involve the partner in the idea of the photoshoot and matching calendars for the appointment.

Many times, from a guy’s point of view, it seems hard or not relevant for his woman to book a photoshoot.

Let’s try to understand some aspects of the psychology of guys and find out a way to express why a photo session, for that special moment of your life, is important to you and try to avoid your partner’s rejection of this important request of yours.

Copyrights reserved for text and images to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Reason 1: The wrong idea comes to mind

Many times, the idea of a photoshoot comes tied to an unnecessary luxury experience that you may pass or leave without it.

Most guys do not realize a photoshoot for Maternity, Newborn, Baby Milestones, Cake Smash or Family is not a corny thing to do.

It is merely a way to capture unique moments that won’t be repeated in time and having the opportunity to capture images that will last a lifetime is not corny but very special to hold on and pass to your generation.

Copyrights reserved for text and images to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Reason 2: Photography is a rewarding decision.

When kids grow up, they love to look at themselves little and learn about their stories. Documenting the story of a baby, from pregnancy to first year milestones, will bring a beautiful sense of appreciation to a baby and lovely memories to parents who went through all those nights with sleeping deprivation.

On the sad side of life, we all know that life goes by fast, and many people take life for granted, not stopping to think that people and moments pass. When life event happens, you want to look for photographs of those people and moments. It is sad when we do not have anything handy to look back on. Without realizing all the elements what make this life crazy, guys can still say no to the importance of collecting beautiful photographs.

Reason 3: Photography sessions are not boring.

If your partner, husband, or significant other thinks that hiring a private photographer for a specialized photo session is boring or even have the session compared to school photo days, the answer is no.

The moments when your partner sees how much you are showing that beautiful sense of satisfaction, proud of yourself or that you are posing for the cover of a magazine, the partner won’t want you to miss that glow on your face and you won’t miss out on any desired future photo session opportunities and the chance to provide your family the legacy of telling your story through beautiful photographs professionally done!

Copyrights reserved for text and images to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Reason 4: When a sense of insecurity comes to a guy's mind.

When the reason is a secretive sense of insecurity of being part of the photo session and the fear of not looking your best…

Guys need to realize that a photo session is way more than simple camera clicks because way down the road those photographs will bring happiness and the Partner will forget what his thoughts were about his appearance back in the day, your dressing style or how you thought about yourself being “bad” back in the day.

Roll your drums to the Secret Sauce Recipe to get your best half to agree to a photoshoot.

1. Be honest about your desire of having beautiful photography.

Sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation about how much you would love to book a photo session for your Maternity, Newborn, Baby milestones to watch your baby’s growth, Cake Smash, and annual family sessions. Explain how important it is to have beautiful photographs and albums, see your home walls decorated with beautiful memories. If your Best Half really cares about your emotions and requests, a door will open, and a way will be found to have your wish granted. Do not forget to ask why he is thinking this way and explain your Best Half that you understand his/her reasons of hesitating or saying no but emphasize how much this means to you and how this is going to make you happy. Never argue or lose your temper during an adult conversation. Peace comes first.

Copyrights reserved for text and images to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

2. Showing visuals is very helpful.

Many times, the other person does not picture what you have in mind. Share your thoughts and show him some photos from the internet that are part of the source of your inspirations, and you would love to recreate those photos for you, your baby and with him! This might bring a sense of proud and competition in ways that “I can be talked into that”.

3. Last resource to the desired validation for your photography dreams.

You have invited your Best Half for a conversation, you have shown samples out of your Pinterest boards, and now you see yourself in a situation where you must use bribery to get what you make your heart smile.

A great relationship comes in daily practices of compromising one or another side. It is about reasoning, talking, and negotiating things or situations. Perhaps you have said no to watching a Sci-Fi movie together, going camping and you can compromise your time to try to share some of what he considers exciting or entertaining to do and you don’t. Showing and receiving support from each other is a way to make a relationship stronger. If that sci-fi movie is a little too much to compromise, then grab that Partner by his/her stomach with some amazing food! Have it planned a great relaxing way to finish your photo session day! “If you pay for my photo session, I will make your favorite dessert” or “If you scratch my back, I can massage your feet.” Health ways of bringing bribery into the table are also memory making moments that will highlight how much you care and how much being that special unique moment photographed is for you.

Copyrights reserved for text and images to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Final thoughts about requesting a photography session to your Best Half.

I hope you feel more inspired and confident, in case your request to book a photography session, to your Significant Other, Husband or Partner has been initially rejected. I hope there is confidence to approach and change his point of view.

Feel comfortable to contact me and ask for help to break the ice. Sometimes knowing and talking to the photographer, visiting the studio, and having video chat with a friendly conversation to ask questions is important for this break though. When it all seems to have failed, your “old monkey” photographer may surprise you with a couple of other tricks hidden under her sleeves that can get you booked for amazing photographs. I am here for you!

This is how you can find me to book your session:

Fill out the form from my website:

Phone or text: 720.532.3111

Located at the heart of beautiful Southeast Aurora, CO: 80016

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