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Clothing Suggestions for photography sessions

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Choosing the clothing for your perfect session is as important as dedicating some time for presenting yourself well groomed on your session with clean nails, hair done and a make up which represents your unique style and natural personality.

During our planning process, I will help you choose colors, send you inspirational samples for the theme we want to achieve in that particular season of the year and chosen location.

My preference normally goes to timeless choices and combinations which goes well, and will remain looking well on your wall, regardless time and crazy fashion trends brought by the fast fashion industry.

Start with a neutral color such as black, navy-blue, grey, white or tan as your base and add accent colors for your individualized touch is a perfect way to make sure you and your family members will look well put together without overly matching each other or overlapping same tonalities.

I have developed personal and professional techniques, from mood boards to individual inspirations, to help you plan your outfits during our initial consultation and, if desired, we can refer you to a professional color stylist who can guide and teach you the perfect colors for your skin and hair tone as well.

It's all about making you look your best and have a session that will generate exclusive timeless heirloom memories for you and your family.

I will contact you personally to answer all your questions.

Layne Fernandes



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