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Frames add attention to details in photography

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Hi! I'm Layne Fernandes. A portrait photographer, originally from Brazil, based in the South East area of Aurora, Colorado. I love to work with newborn babies in my studio, maternity and families in studio and outdoor. I provide VIP portraiture experience to my clients and always make sure the sessions are fun with natural smiles and, many times, laughs are included as well!

Would you like to have something turned into an eye catching piece - for yourself or someone else to notice - when displayed? Framing it is a great idea!

When I was in kindergarten I was surprised to have a collage artwork selected for an exhibit at school. I created a rocket on a green field of grass with a sun and clouds to decorate my 8 1/2"x 11" page. We all dressed up for the day of the exhibit. When we arrived to the classroom, I proudly held my parents' hands to guide them to the display where my artwork was being featured. It was, indeed, a moment I will never forget in a thousand years!

That eye opening moment came down so deep inside that little girl's mind who became passionate about "creating with intention" and having her notes, drawings, special paper cutouts and photos, always protected by some sort of cute frame.

As I was growing up and experiencing different types or academic achievements and jobs, I always knew, deep in my heart, that one day I would incorporate some sort of art as part of my career.

Nowadays, my clients can have the opportunity to experience portrait sessions with planned intention to help them create albums that, actually, tell a story, or we work closely together as a team with the intention of creating real artwork that will be hung on their walls and have their homes embellished with a new piece of art décor with meaning!

The process is very simple, yet satisfying. I normally go to my client's homes, analyze their walls or even furniture with empty surfaces, coordinate colors and even outfit colors prior to designing the portrait sessions that will produce materials to personalize, coordinate and decorate their homes in right proportions and scale!

A real image of their walls or furniture is uploaded and a magical mockup is immediately created to be shared with the homeowners!

I create with intention, by using my imagination to create and deliver real scenarios that I can share with my clients without having to deal with guessing games. We can even play with options. It is that simple, so they will know what that piece of artwork will look like when hung on their walls or placed on a furniture.

So far, the most loved products for their walls - and kids' proof - have been: safe acrylic framed prints, which looks like real glass, framed or non-framed fine art wrapped canvases and feather light metal artwork that looks as shine as glass! (Without the risk of having kids running around the house with a tennis ball and boom! Then you have particles of broken glass everywhere and the instantaneous panic feeling of seeing your curious pets or kids passing by to investigate what has just happened and having their paws and feet perforated by those fragments. Who of you does not relate to this episode, at least, once in life?)

From modern, classic, contemporary or ornate, we offer frames for all tastes and real life budgets.

Your wall don't have to be naked and your home doesn't have to be a empty and plain box to live.

Let me help you show your story, give happy walls to your home with personalized artwork that even offers warranty!

Contact us for a photography session!

Aurora, Colorado 80016

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