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Looking for fun ways to celebrate your baby's first birthday?

Cake Smash birthday celebration is the answer!

Hello! My name is Layne Fernandes, and I am the Brazilian photographer and owner of La Dolce Vita Photography, based in Denver Metro, Colorado.

Cake Smash is one of my favorite modalities offered in my photography business menu. Babies are absolutely adorable little human beings, and they deserve a milestone celebration that captivates their attention and promote their interest to interact with their surroundings as well.

From minimalistic to elaborate motifs a Cake Smash Session covers it for you. We are all different so, every baby is different too. This means that every baby deserves to be photographed in ways that respect their unique personalities.

From mellow to vibrant colors, the sky is the limit when artistic vibes come to life during planning and set amazing setups!

The results are nothing more than captivating!

Cake Smash celebration possibilities are endless

A Cake Smash celebration should reflect that, by capturing celebration moments of the little one in their unique glory of being little and showing who they are! This super special photography session is tailored in unique ways! It can be composed by a variety of exclusive sets and themes or different locations: home, park or photography studio. Each set is elaborated with special touches that tells different stories of different babies. All my sets are exclusive designed, hand-cut, assembled with my own hands and love this art. This is the beauty of artistic creations tied to very special celebrations!

Some babies are celebrated at 1 and others at their Second birthdays. There is no right or wrong, it is about a one-of-a-kind photo session that will be remembered for a lifetime with the most perfect keepsake on their super special day, where your baby is not only the boss, but the shiny star of the show!

Cake Smash or Smash the Cake Photo Session, there is no right or wrong

By the end of the day, or by the end of a photo session, the important is the fun we've all had!

If it happens that babies will get covered in cake frosting, the photographer is the person assigned to clean up all that mess! This makes the occasion all fun for the baby and easy pease on the parents! No risk for the baby, must have portraits and what else can be cutter than seeing a baby enjoying that first bite of cake?

"Have your Cake and Eat it too!" Why not?

Cake Smash Emotions

The visual representation and understanding emotions are felt inside the baby's body and brain. This sense and knowledge can help a baby develop empathy and understanding for others in real time practice. What a great opportunity to combine all the socialization practice with the creation of captivating memories!

Whether the little ones enjoy a traditional cake, a pile of donughts or go all out with a themed cake, these cake smash photos will be guaranteed to make your day!

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