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Cake Smash styles for a Photo Session with La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes

Cake Smash styles for a Photo Session with La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes

Cake Smash or Smash Cake photo session is a milestone photoshoot celebration for the first, or even second year, of a baby's birthday.

Typically, during this phase of a baby's life, parents are able to introduce a larger variety of solid foods into baby's digestive system and an edible or "smashable" cake can be presented for the purpose of the photo session.

Yes, it can be very messy but it is one of the most favorite parts of my job as a professional photographer. I enjoy this type of photo session so much, that I have attended a specific workshops to spike my creative side, even more, so I can fill in the gaps when clients approach me with lack of ideas for the first year's milestones. I help my clients come up with clarity on the theme, color scheme and ideas, whenever needed. The sky is the limit when scenarios are created and elaborated.

By the end of the day, from minimalistic scenarios to elaborated ones, it is all fun!

Cake Smash Photo Sessions can be done starting at about 10 or 11 months old! Why? Because you can have cute printed items done in advance for the official day of baby's first birthday party! Isn't it cool?

The first things that come to mind are:

  1. Have you considered matching the Cake Smash Session with the First Birthday Party Theme?

  2. Would you like to match a room where you can display these images?

  3. Do you prefer something very simple, mid-way or richly elaborated?

I also love the clarity to understand and visualize what clients have in mind. Thank goodness for all the access we find available from the internet. Pinterest catalog, is always a go to, so I normally recommend them get a creative board started. I have this action as my jumpstart to understand where they are at. It also inspires me to discuss new approaches to them and come up with something unique, based on their inspirations.

Baby comes back home clean after the splash bath!

THEMED SMASHES - from minimalist to the themed

  1. Cake Smash Collection

  2. Cotton Candy Collection

  3. Peaches 'n Cream Collection

These are some of the cute names to labels our current packages. Photo sessions are, typically comfortably, held in our studio, regardless the time or season of the year.

Our clients have asked for specific themes or just a plain timeless backdrop, with or not the addition of that favorite pop of color or props. Specific themes require specific appropriate matching props, so it is highly recommended the elaborate studio sessions to be requested and booked in advance, allowing adequate time for product searches. Our studio normally asks for up to 4 weeks, so it can be properly prepared with beautiful and thoughtful details.

Another option is the "ready to go" options we have available for last minute requested smash sessions.

No matter what you decide to come with... We've got you covered!


Whenever parents are not comfortable offering cake to their babies, due to allergies or simply because they do not want to deal with sugary items, and they still would love to make found memories, there is the Non-Cake "Cake Smash" option! This is another trendy option which seems to be growing nowadays and it is possible to opt for a different type of smash.

Types of non-cake smashes for your celebration: doughnuts, ice cream, pasta, cookies, alfajores, watermelon, fruit salad, and so many other items can be incorporated to this session!


Our studio prefers simple white cakes, without added colors. Just plain glace or simply naked! We find this to be timeless and goes well with all themes. It is up to parents to coordinate with studio, the looks of the milestone cake, with that special hint of color or fancy decoration. It's up to you.

Your photographer will be talking to you and coordinating the best looks for your session.

Whenever the cake is provided by us, La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes, it comes from a formal bakery. If parents prefer to provide the cake, themselves, it is all good too!

We have a couple of "not so secret" recipes, without added sugar for moms to bake and bring the cake to the studio! Feel comfortable to reach us and ask for the recipe that your whole family will be pleased to try before it becomes family approved for the upcoming photo session.

We make sure that your experience is as easy brainer and memorable as possible!

Healthier cake made by mom and brought to the studio.

Cake topper and stand provided by LDV studio.


It is all good and it is all party!

Here is a fun fact:

Did you know Cake Smashes are expanding limitations and are not just for one year oldies anymore! They are fun and creative for anyone wanting to celebrate their birthday, from 1 to 100! Why not?


What do we mean with that?

My favorite grand finale is what is provided for families, after all hard work has been brought to the table from LDV Photography services, and it is timeless and touchable. Whether it is an album, a Cake Smash Collage in thick 16"x20" matboard paper or Canvas, these add on items will always be a guaranteed hit to my clients' homes. Some clients prefer to have these large prints framed, while others choose to allow them to stand on a display shelf or the mantel of their fireplace. After having the collage image shared at the first official birthday party by the presentation table, where the cake is displayed, this is one of the cutest keepsake for the baby's first year celebration.

To request your session with us... access the link below and fill out the form at:

Happy birthday and I can not wait to capture a well smashed cake from your celebration!

Layne Fernandes


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