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The Beauty of Flower Bonnets on Baby Girls

Everything you need to know about Flower Bonnets during a Sitter Photography Session.

This might be the blog that ends all blogs... so let's get to work and...


I see you!

Who is there sitting so confident but not crawling or quite walking yet?

Who has those big eyes, chubby cheeks, chubby arms, gummy smiles and chubby legs that can just melt hearts and brighten everywhere she goes?

La Dolce Vita Photography baby girls, wearing the same, versatile flower bonnet.

Parents are just delighted to see baby and siblings together during a beautiful Sitter Session where the main focus is on their gorgeous and precious Baby Girl wearing a one-of-a-kind accessory called: Flower Bonnet!

Baby Bonnets are an old-time tradition, still carried into our present day. Their statement of elegance and, also, functionality, connects us to a tradition practiced and adopted through history of its uniqueness and timeless heirlooms items.

Sewn in luxurious or durable fabrics, knitted or crocheted. Either way, a baby girl wearing a bonnet is dressed to cuteness and perfection, from newborn sizes to early toddler days, girls have been gifted to this delicate and feminine accent of accessory on their heads. From Christening ceremonies to informal outings and weddings, where brides have been seen as holding "something old" and of sentimental value, on their wedding day.

Portraying this age and stage of a baby's life is something that will be enjoyed and with your family forever.

A Portrait is the perfect way to capture those intense stare moments forever long after your little princess is all grown up, no longer in diapers.

At the age between 6 to 12 months old, babies' characters and personalities start to show, and we can engage a lot more with their interactions and reactions. We find this age to be the best to capture your baby's blossoming personality and cute expressions and this is why I highly recommend baby bonnets and artistic flower bonnets to be incorporated into a sitter session. This is something totally worth your investment and doing it!


Nights are longer and days are shorter, but babies won't be babies after 12 months

Sitting up alone wearing a beautiful artistically hand-made flower bonnet that can match and pair with the season of the year while highlighting your baby's personality is totally worth your investment and doing it!

These images will be showstopper at your home and make your child feel loved and appreciated for many years to come.

Time does not wait, so not wait too long...

Please visit my website: and do not be shy. You may have more questions after reading this blog (or in the future).

Let's stay engaged and in touch! Contact Layne Fernandes. Book your Flower Bonnet Photography Session now.


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