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What to bring to a Cake Smash Photography Session

Image and text copyrights by La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes

A Cake Smash photography session is an adorable, once in a lifetime, opportunity to celebrate your little one’s first birthday. It allows the baby’s personality to shine and taste freedom. It is also the keepsake of sweet memories of how much they have grown in just 12 months.

What will you need to bring for your Cake Smash Session?

  1. A bottle or sippy cup with water or another drink of choice. This is for baby's hydration and comfort of what you bring from home.

  2. Favorite snacks baby is used to eating, like: Puffs, Cheerios, small bites of chopped fruits, etc.

  3. Baby’s favorite toy or noise maker from home.

  4. Pacifier, in case your baby is used to this comfort.

  5. Extra outfit for baby to travel back home and do not mess the car seat with icing residues. The extra comfy outfits include: onesies or a PJ, socks, wet wipes in case of skin sensitivities, baby’s brush or comb, and a personal towel, in case you do not want to use mine and keep it personal.

  6. For the parents: extra change of t-shirts, clean socks, in case they step on something wet or, cake frosting.

Image and text copyrights by La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes

What does my studio provide for your Cake Smash Photo Session?

My studio provides everything needed for a stress-free session. Parents, only bring regular items from regular daily outings. I make sure to take care of every details for an easy brainer experience, from the beginning through the end.

  • Backdrops and floors.

  • All the props.

  • A complimentary petite neutral white cake that coordinates with all cake smash sets without compromising quality. All cakes will come with a customized topper, matching the story being told on the backdrop.

  • Cake Stand.

  • Neutral timeless outfits or outfit themes, sized for up 12 months babies. If your 12 months old baby is wearing 18 m/o sizes, then you need to let me know and a rush order must be placed for special theme outfits.

  • Parents are more then welcome to bring their own outfits matching the color of the proposed backdrop.

  • Bow ties, suspenders and headbands are available as well.

  • Splash bath shampoo: I use traditional Johnson & Johnsons brand shampoo, lukewarm water and clean towels.

  • A variety of tubs for your baby’s splash bath to look amazing in photographs and go back home clean as well!

  • All studio items are inspected and sanitized by myself.

  • Baby and child LifeVac, first aid supplies for chocking, are always handy in the studio, in case of emergencies. CPR knowledge and trained by American Red Cross.

Cake Smash Investment

I will, personally, design and plan an artistic custom experience for your baby with everything needed in mind. Your studio session includes backdrops, color coordinated props that fit the theme each family chooses, uniquely.

Your monetary investment includes not only the clicks of my professional equipment but also includes HOURS dedicated to the design of your set, sanitation, set up, session, post processing of images, post processing of your album, wall art, invitations, and other items, product inspection, packaging, paperwork and final delivery. All handled and inspected by my own hands and eyes. It is a group of the ENTIRE EXPERIENCE that you are hiring me, as an expert in the field, and buying to your baby's memories in the future.

I make sure to provide opportunities for every family to have beautiful portraits of their babies, by offering packages for every budget and preferences, starting at $175 and going up to $995, including albums and wall arts for you to enjoy more than a digitals files stuck inside drawers or computers.

Cake Smash Trust Factor

Investing into this exceptionally important milestone requires a lot of trust that your precious little one is in highly qualified, experienced hands and environment.

The trust you put in - my knowledge, work process, artistic creations, environment safety and sanitation processes - is exceptionally important!

The investment you make in photographs, on behalf of your little one, is tied to my guarantee that no step will be overlooked.

My sessions are thoughtfully planned and totally designed with your preferences in mind.

My promise is to give all of myself, in the entire process, and that you have a fun, peaceful and enjoyable experience in the studio. It is very important to me that I can, possibly, exceed your expectations with quality that will last the barrier of time.

Let's Chat about your Cake Smash Session!

It is very important to connect, make sure we are the right fit for each other and that we are exactly on the same page together! There is no sugar coating with me, except for the, much needed, icing on the cakes!

Having a consultation chat with each of my clients and taking notes of the important items to consider for this important baby milestone, are important steps and a wonderful opportunity to make sure everything is clearly understood for the preparation of the contract of your Smash Session in honest approaches and agreements.

For inquires fill out the form, found on my website:

Call or Text: 720.532.3111

Serving Denver Metro families since 2017.

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