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Newborn Photography Session in Aurora, Colorado

by | September 16th, 2021

Have you stopped to think how much, basically a little of everything, has drastically changed since back in the day?

Regarding maternity and newborn sessions, the jump has been huge! From chunky point and shoot, black & white, film cameras, to having a local city photographer coming home to capture images of a newborn baby - privilege of very few; parents taking their new bundle of joy to a local downtown studio for somewhat of posed newborn combined with family lifestyle; then the real boom happened around the past decade with a new style of capturing those precious fresh 24 hours of affection of a newborn. Not considering how much the industry of props have grown as well. The studio kind of images including posed newborn babies and the required background of certifications for this field, workshops attendance, knowledge of having each image individually and patiently crafted during editing process, represent a huge take off on this industry.

All I have to say is that I don't measure work, efforts and love - that grows daily - to dedicate myself to this profession including late hours on the computer, while my family asleep, I am carefully polishing my skills as if I was treating a rough rock into an emerald shaped diamond or a princess cut, sometimes...

In my heart, there is that something so special about creating art with your precious baby... from first contact till product delivery I hold my clients' hands and walk them to the entire process. I feel this brings us so much closer together and this connection is so important for the beautiful outcome and grateful hearts.

Capturing those first baby images is like holding on their tiny hands to help them write the first page of a storybook filled with sincere emotions and adventures!

My complete newborn session can last up to full 3 hours. I take total care and time for the baby to feel completely safe and sound, by creating the perfect portraiture for the parents.

I always make sure the baby is fully fed and cleaned up. When the newborn, is flexible and feels comfortable to different SAFE poses, as soon as he/she reaches a deep stage of sleep, one of my favorite ways to start the session is to have the undressed baby curled up for those super cute heart melting poses.

I have developed a safe workflow which guarantees the comfort of your baby. That little person will let me know if a pose suits his/her fancy or not. Also breaks, snacks and cuddles during the session are highly appreciated!

As a way of saying, in my opinion, there is a reason the movie "Boss Baby" has been created, because it has so much to do with them and I never let your baby feel uncomfortable, by all means, during a session. Our newborn clients are the Directors of the show!

My studio is equipped with everything needed to the comfort of your baby, as well as a heating system designed to keep the perfect temperature for your baby's safety, decibel measure device, room thermometer, thermostat and a powerful whole building air purifying system that kills 99.9% of viruses and germs in less than 3 seconds! I follow all of the requirements from APNPI - Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International and PPA - Professional Photographers of America. I have also received education from The Milky Way Photographers' Resources.

My hands are sanitized before and after I touch your baby. Every time! I shower before the session, wear fresh clean clothes and mask. The studio is sanitized before and after your session. All textiles that touch your baby will be properly washed with baby approved soap, dried in high temperatures and steamed afterwards.

Even following a strict protocol on the studio safely and sanitation, there is a way that allows me to always encourage parents to bring siblings in some of the pictures, by the end of each session. No family member is left behind! This is another magical moment in the studio session and shouldn't be left out.

I totally understand this new style of having newborn babies posed, wrapped in a cocoon shape and photographed does not resonates with every family and this is why I am flexible and love to create a variety of workflow that fits everyone's needs and styles, so families can still have polished art to be cherished for generations to come.

I offer posed newborn photography in the studio as well as lifestyle in the comfort of your home.

Contact me for a free consultation and book your newborn session here:

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