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Maternity, Artistic Photo Session

May 12th, 2024.

On this special Mother's Day, May 12th 2024, I am sitting in front of my computer and thinking about moms all over the world. Some more fortunate than others but all of them experiencing such a transformative experience from body changes to raising little beings who grow at light speed...

Motherhood is an exchange of emotions and experiences: we teach and learn at the same time. We are busy and without time for regrets. Life does not stop. It is a journey of growing deeper in love than one would never imagine.

Capturing pregnancy moments in a photo session is an unforgettable important experience that every mom in this world should have. It marks the very end of your body changing and your belly growing, as the very last moments of being one carrying another life inside. The blind date of emotions, a love that will endure beyond eternity and new senses of courage and protection.

A Maternity photo session is a profound way to document your pregnancy and celebrate the beauty of motherhood.

When is the Best Timing of a Maternity Shoot?

I always recommend moms who approach me for sessions or husbands who call in advance to make surprise sessions arrangements on behalf of their expectant wives, the best time being in the range of 28 until around 32 weeks of pregnancy. I've had moms arriving here at 37 weeks of gestation and did great but as the estimated delivery day approaches... it becomes more risk or uncomfortable. "We are not prepared for babies to be delivered in the studio..." lol.

We are all different and we may handle one pregnancy different of another.

At the mark of 28 ~ 32 weeks of pregnancy, mom's belly is round and beautiful. She, normally, feels comfortable enough to move around and try desired poses to make history in her family portraits.

It's very important to keep in mind that every pregnancy is different.

Moms who are under the high-risk pregnancy care, carrying twins or even triplets are advised to have their maternity session scheduled earlier than the 32 weeks.

When moms are naturally skinny and the round belly is not popped enough, 32 weeks is my recommendation.

Show off your Maternity Photos!

Another way to captivate the attention of your family and friends is to display beautiful photos of your amazing Maternity Session during your Baby Shower!

Don't you agree this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your images by making large prints of your favorite portraits and place them all over for appreciation?

The gift table is a beautiful spot to have something like an acrylic or metal print displayed. It will definitely make a positive impression! I can also visualized a large acrylic block by the guest note book, when they write beautiful messages that you can revisit in later years.

The beauty of motherhood deserves to be documented, starting with your pregnancy.

You and your photographer should talk and coordinate your calendars for the best possible day. When you plan and prepare beforehand, your maternity session will be a very successful experience and you will have stunning photographs to cherish for many years to come.

When your digitals files, prints and wall arts receive the proper care for storage and display, this documented special time in your life will create long lasting memories that can be passed to future generations.

Fortunately we are living days that amazing portraits are no longer a privilege only to the rich and famous, royals and celebrities. We, the normal people, every day mamas, and we can be part of this elite too!

Let's show off your Maternity Photos!

I would love to help you plan a session that fits your unique style. Clear communication with your photographer is key to success!

Love to all moms and moms to be!

Layne Fernandes

My studio is located in the beautiful S.E. Aurora, CO 80016. [720.532.3111]

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