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The impact of Paper Prints in Photography

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

The more you know me, the better you understand my love for papery items and the satisfying feeling of not just looking at something but touching it as well.

All things pretty, organized and clean can make me feel so good and my thoughts become much more oriented to achieve my next steps.

Being and Aquarian and a huge fan of futuristic ideas, technology is appreciated and highly wanted but I confess that I still feel very satisfied to keep my daily planner organized, journaling notebooks stacked, as well as having my personal stash of colored pens, markers, highlighters, stickers and those pretty multi-use tapes handy. Not considering the art of grabbing a pen and write a message on a card, postcard, a thoughtful message inside the cover of a book, and more!

We can see how much improvements, since history has evolved, we have achieved in regards to the art of making papers.

Different technologies and processes are tied and followed by different strengths, there is no neutral technology or neutral psychological impact when it comes to paper. Each type of paper has different applications and designations, photographers can offer high quality prints in different textures and materials applied to the composition of each print. Professional labs have engaged in so much contribution and researches to this matter.

Paper can fulfill our daily needs in so many aspects and affects our minds in ways that we think, react or feel. In order to access the best parts of brains, we need to recur to visuals that impact our emotions and affect us positively on a daily basis.

There are, still, so many things taken by granted and we tend to live a fast life relying on our autopilot mode where desires can be fulfilled on the tip of a touch. Technology is helpful and nice to have but when it comes to the necessity of forcing ourselves to slow down and become mindful to our inner selves and enjoy what is around us, we all face the point to come back to the basics of our human nature.

My point is that allowing paper to take the place of digital resources can give us more control and space to think, connect and create. When you have shoe boxes filled with printed timeless memories, photo albums and wall arts that can be explained and passed to your future generations, you contribute to build an invisible shield of bonding, self-esteem, love, confidence and ties that only families can offer to each other. Little minds are boosted and it will all come together when those little ones become grown ups and able to pass the legacy of their lives to others...

May I challenge you to put all your electronic devices away this evening and spend time with your loved ones revisiting some of your old traditional family albums?

Calmly look at the people and talk about the day of that photo session, look at the details, the clothes everyone was wearing, what happened that day and how far you have gone. Everyone can ask to touch that photo, take a closer look and express their thoughts. It will be a so much nicer experience, comparing to scrolling a digital screen up, down or sideways and then, by the push of a button, done!

Try this and send me your comments. Share how your experience was.

The old ways of doing things are still very nice compared to the addiction of automatically leading our fingers to tap on social media icons, Instagram, reaching for the mouse or getting trapped inside google search engine, sidetracked by something else...

Photography can bring families together. When it is printed and displayed it can be a great piece of conversation starter.

How do you show your photography?

I am here to listen, give you advices and suggestions regarding your prints, organization, storage, whatever your needs are.

I'm always up to sincere, good, healthy and positive conversations!

I know each printed item is something you invest once, but when it is done, it will last for so many years to come. What have stopped you in investing on touchable or displayed photographs? Think about it.


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