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Newborn lactation during a photo session

Feeding a happy, healthy and comfortable newborn baby, between 4 to 10 days old, 30 or 40 minutes before his/her first photo session is crucial for the optimization of bringing home the most loved timeless breath taking portraits.

Generally, after two weeks of adjusting to the external environment, babies can develop gas and tummy discomfort which will not contribute to those tiny womb poses, as gassy bellies bring pain, impatience and crying... This is one of the "whys", whenever possible, it is very important to decide ahead of time and get in to the Certified Newborn Photographer's calendar to guarantee your photoshoot.

When moms contact me in advance, I have their due date + extra next 10 days, on the lookout, marked by pencil and those group of days blocked on my calendar. Flexibility with my clients' due date is very important to guarantee baby's most cherished moments to be captured and documented.

This is why I want to share a few facts about lactation.

Text and image copyrights reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes

3 common types of lactation for newborn babies

1. Exclusive Lactation

Newborn babies under exclusive lactation are exclusively only nursed, in full contact, by mother's breasts.

Babies should always take their time to be fed. Rushing a baby is not allowed or recommended by any circumstances. A baby must take his/her time to nourish the body, without absolutely any trick or shortcut, so she can return to the photo session. The time spent in the studio, includes feeding time. I highly recommend parents to spare that day to come to the studio without other appointments in their calendar, whenever possible. No nails and hair appointments, no meetings with contractors, no reservation in restaurants - these are the most common type of appointments I have seen happening, for the next 5 hours, of half day, of their newborn photo session.

The more baby is comfortably fed, the more successful the photo session will be!

The first portion of the breast milk is watery based, for hydration, and the second portion comes with fat, which provides the comfort of a full belly.

It all has to happen in baby’s time, not photographer or parents’ agenda. Extra timing allowed in the photographer and parents' calendar is crucial for a successful session.

Text and images are copyrights reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

2. Complementary breastfeeding

This is the combination of mother’s breast milk and formula.

There are many reasons why a baby should receive complementary lactation. It is not the case to discuss all possible reasons here, but the intention to share that all is good and each baby is a unique individual with different needs. Babies do not fit in cookie cutters and one size does not fit all. Anyway, in this scenario also, the baby should be fed as much as possible, enjoy that feeding time and have a good burp, for a comfortable photo session.

3. Artificial feeding

Artificial feeding, is the term used for those who need to be fed via, formula only.

As well as complementary feeding, there are many reasons behind the need of receiving this type of lactation, exclusively.

Fortunately, with today's technology and science, formulas are well developed and suitable to most of babies who need it. Your baby's pediatrician, midwife or nurse must have the knowledge to talk to new moms about types of feeding, formula brands, pros and cons of each situation.

I, myself, am a living example of having to adopt artificial feeding for my baby.

Also, I am a living example, that I was artificially fed, back in the day, when I was my mom's baby girl. Destiny plays in so many different ways. When it was my turn to become a mother, my son had to receive formula too... No matter what I tried, I did not produce my own milk, to feed by baby.

Artificial feeding was not my first choice, by all means. It had to happen, without hesitation, if I wanted to see my baby growing. Fortunately, it all ended well and the two of us, are here today, to tell our stories of growing up as healthy beings.

Text and images are copyrights reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Baby Burp

I am not going to disregard other two connections associated with lactation: Burp and baby cramps.

Burb is the release of swallowed air during feeding.

We can tell when a baby pulls away his face, while being fed. We just know when it is time to stop feeding and help the baby release that air stuck in the digestive system.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends that parents take their time when trying to burp their baby after each feeding or every time the mother switches breasts between feeds.

Most babies will outgrow the need to be burped by 4 or 6 months of age. During this stage, the cease of burps become more noticeable.

Close attention to the baby is very important, so there is no choke risk from refluxed milk.

Text and images are copyrights reserved to La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Baby Cramps

Lastly, a baby crying should never be ignored. Crying is their voice to advocate for themselves, ask for help, saying something is not right.

After the first two weeks of being born, crying can be the sign of baby asking for help with a gassy tummy, for example...

Does the baby tummy look as puffy as a Puffer fish?

There are many resources available online for tips on how to gently massage a newborn baby’s tummy for gas relief. Another important item to be observed, is related to what mom is eating or snacking on. Moms who breastfeed their babies, should avoid eating certain trigger foods that can affect their baby’s digestive system through their milk.

Whenever a baby discomfort is clearly noticeable, I normally ask moms what they normally eating, how is the health of their intestines, if they consume caffeine, chocolates, papaya fruit, iron replacement and other dietary elements that might be the cause of discomfort in their newborn babies during the session and I recommend a call to their healthcare provider to chat about ways to ease baby's tummy discomfort, so they can simply enjoy being moms of a healthy happy baby.

I am Layne Fernandes. Maternity, Newborn, Baby milestones and Family Photographer, based in Aurora, Colorado. Certified by APNPI and Award Winning Selected selected by the City of Aurora.

I love to welcome new energy to the studio and get to know new families.

Feel free to contact me. I'm available from Monday to Saturday.

Let me know what your questions are and help you schedule your Maternity or newborn session with me.

I am more than glad to help you capture timeless memories that will survive the barrier of time, as beautiful portraits that tells the legacy of your life journey.

Text or call: 720.532.3111

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