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Lifestyle Photography by Layne Fernandes

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

La Dolce Vita Photography

Hello Sunshine!

Why should someone with a considered "piece and quiet life" hire a photographer especially a Lifestyle Photographer if he/she thinks her life is ordinary?

I have to tell you life is about simplicity, authenticity and natural approaches. I have learned, no matter how eccentric or how minimalistic one person is, there is always a good reason to make memories through the help of photographic resources.

You or someone else will value and treasure, to their hearts, the results of your photo session! This is a proven true fact and not a myth!

Due to different trends, many times the photography industry goes through peaks of ups and downs moments. These trends can be easily compared to the fashion industry: most of us don't really follow the fast fashion industry rules and suggestions by the books, because it changes on a regular basis by introducing new trends, styles, patterns and colors that come and go quickly every season of the year.

If posed photography is not your "beach", this is where you should comfortably hang out. Lifestyle Photography is a type of timeless imagery which won't fluctuate throughout time, from generation to generation.

Also, not to be confused with photojournalism or portrait photography, lifestyle photography features individuals and families with the intention to capture real-life events or milestones in an polished presentation.

Individuals or families can be lifestyle photographed and the goal is to capture the simplicity of life in someone's everyday action. This is a version of what is called candid photography, simply by not making a pose or forcing smiles to happen. The images will be telling a visual story. Precious details will be captured from ordinary situations. The story of your life can be captured in the phase or stage you are in.

Is it possible to photograph without scripts?

There is, apparently, no script tied to a Lifestyle Session but, the truth is behind the scenes, I have it all planned and figured out for you, with the help of my clients. This way, a Lifestyle Session with La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes, will bring balance between having a real script and no plan at all that suits what you have envisioned.

Some of the steps, I regularly follow, are the ones which will make our clients, all ages, uncomfortable by all means and we choose to embrace a session of someone we know, as if we were long lasting friends.

The relationship of trust and feeling comfortable is the "secret" to beautiful results.

The more our clients open up themselves to talk about their expectations and themselves, follow up with scheduled meetings - which is one of our differentials - and share more about what their likes and dislikes are, what their average weekend or day look like, what their goals are with this type of session, their favorite places to hang out, what their favorite home activities are - even if it includes vegging on the couch in front of the TV - if they like to hang out alone or with someone else at a favorite bookstore or coffee shop? Getting to know our clients is very important for the best outcome of their personalized images and plan!

Another very important aspect I love to know about our clients is their Personalities!

No, don't get me wrong, I am not being intrusive, and they are not going to intimidate me, as their photographer... Getting to know their personality is very important to make realistic connections, the same way we connect with our Chiropractor, if you have ever been to one, as working together in inhaling and exhaling at the moment he will have your vertebrates popped appropriately to provide more comfort. This is the example I have reached in mind to explain the photography workflow and the relationship between lifestyle photographer X ideal client.

What are their personalities and how unique is each family member? Do they have children? Pets? What type of pets? Are the participants of a session shy and reserved, or rambunctious and outgoing? All of these details about getting to know each other beforehand and breaking the ice, hopefully, will bring a sense of location and the ideal script to sketch a personalized plan.

The bottom line is: the more comfortable the subjects are, the more natural a photo shoot will be.

It should feel like their real life is being captured "on the film" of a digital camera!

The day of the Session

I know... most of times, ideally, I love to have a quickly "break the ice consultation", when we meet and greet at my studio, FaceTime or a favorite coffee shop. We talk, have a good time together, get organized to get things up and running.

The day of the session arrives and some clients still feel nervous or anxious...

Remember to relax: you haven't had to study to pass on a test. It's just the very special day of your planned photo session!

You rock!

You look fabulous!

The experience will be fantastic!!!

No worries, I will be directing you, but just a little bit in a way that you are going to forget my camera is on and you will, naturally, abandon my presence. You will be waiting just for the voice of guidance.

I love to use everyday strategies that will bring clients to just "being themselves" and live that particular moment with a light heart.

To me: Layne, there is no reason to panic!

It is always ideal to show up to stage with a plan but, if for any possible reason, that plan does not work, there is always the blessing of having to deal with unpredicted real life situations such as spilled juice on the kitchen counter and surprising faces which will be presented at that given - cause and effect - moment. Candid real life images will naturally come up from that situation.

Sometimes one parent can barely muster any energy before the morning coffee kicks in while a child is climbing the stair up and down holding on the rail.

I love to embrace mess, because those moments are what make life real and a real Lifestyle Session shouldn’t look like it belongs in a perfectly manicured, staged open house, unless this is what makes you happy and cozy at home.

Don't worry. Let's be happy together and make lifestyle memories!


Layne Fernandes

Photographer and Owner

Since 2017


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