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In-home lifestyle: tell your story

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

In-home lifestyle photography session is a way of storytelling precious and intimate moments of family. It is designed to depict a particular day in your life, as a documentary would do, by doing what you enjoy with the ones you love or alone.

Whether you’re just enjoying an ordinary day off or simply telling the story of a day at home doing what you do on a regular basis.

A photography session like this is sure to be full of action, activities, emotion and fun!

The greatest part about in-home lifestyle sessions is that they are unique to you.

It totally does not matter if someone else's kitchen or bathroom is cuter than yours, if your house is not perfectly organized, it matters this is your way of living and this is how and where you find connection with your loved ones. The key to planning your session is to incorporate activities in personalized ways to interact to each other.

Photographers have the pure interest of capturing the beauty of simple moments between family members. This is the moment for everyone to shine!

When a life-style photographer comes to your home, she/he will be ready for those most meaningful moments, without making anyone uncomfortable. The goal is not to get formal images! If you want a session with perfectly posed images, this session is not your go to.

What do photographers expect from families?

An in-home lifestyle photographer will not expect your kids to behave like programmed robots. The photographer will be happy to see them running around, playing dress up and embracing the fun moment with someone else visiting their home.

We love to run around after kiddos and having fun with them! Let them bring and show off their favorite toys, mess up with daddy, grandma or grandpa or tell us stories!

The most simple thing can, many times, be a beautiful way to create a documentary of your life and embrace the epic moment. Believe me, there is beauty when you look at it from the outside.

Do you have a baby? How sweet is to make that little one giggle.

We love to see toddlers chasing their pets, offering that treat to the pet.

There are so many simple moments that we take for granted and let them be taken away from us by time.

Have favorite activities prepared

Lack of ideas is not the excuse! Take a look below for a list of examples activities for your in-home lifestyle session. I highly recommend activities that feel genuine to you.

We are all different and have different preferences, this is the beauty that does not make life look like a cookie cutter. Some families can be more laid back or adventurous than others. This is what will make your lifestyle session as unique as your heart desires! Be free, be creative, be you!

Here are some examples that you can give it a try, including something brand new, for the first time, and make your photo session even more fun!

  • Baby and toddlers bath time

  • Playing an interactive video game together

  • Playing an instrument

  • Morning routine

  • Making coffee or cooking breakfast at home

  • Baking a cake, decorating cookies or preparing your favorite meal together

  • Snuggles in bed, couch or backyard

  • Sitting by the front porch

  • Reading a book or enjoying a Toddy at the front porch

  • Building a fort

  • Reading your morning news, book or magazine

  • Kids building a fort

  • Roasting marshmallows

  • Planting a garden

  • Washing your car

  • Pillow fights and jumping on the bed

  • Wine tasting

  • Favorite music

  • Playing magic tricks

Take the time to get dressed, feel amazing and have fun!

You hardly have time to get your kids up in time for school much less get dressed yourself. Who even FEELS like it, right? But... for the shoot, you deserve it!

Start your morning correctly and take an hour for yourself to take a shower, prep and get your energy levels up. When Mom is happy, so is the entire household!

Moms, we get it! Life is crazy and days are shorter when we have little ones. I know this, by life experience. Hours, minutes and seconds seem to operate differently in the mornings compared to the rest of our day. We hardly have time to put ourselves together, properly, and we have to manage to have the kids up, dressed, fed and in time for school.

In the craziness of the early morning, most of moms end up being the last one to get dressed and rush to work. It is insane...

Who can relate to this, right?

Points to remember:

a. This is a paid professional family session.

b. Delegate your workload: Have your husband, or significant other, to get the kids dressed and fed, pets taken care of, in time for the photo session to resume. You take your time for yourself and feel awesome.

c. You are not just doing this for your children. You are a very important part of it as well!

d. You will want a few photos with them after you see how much fun they are having.

e. Be ready and prepared for action and fun!

The big difference is that everything the session is managed by someone else!

What about start your morning in control of what is planned to happen and take an hour to pamper yourself with a shower, blow dry and style your hair, get your energy up with a favorite soundtrack in the background and make it happen! You are building a legacy of happy memories to look back later.

Non-planned in-home lifestyle session. Kids did what they love most and I was still able to capture candid moments.

Oh no! My house is always a hot mess!

What should I do?

This step is totally up to you, because this type of session is meant to reflect your personality and preferred way of living.

My personal suggestion is that you relax and have fun.

Just a little clean-up, by decluttering the area where the scenes are going to take place, can make a huge difference for the final outcome.

We are not looking for magazine or "as seen on Instagram" style but to make that space the best and decent version of your home.

Brightening spaces is always a must for the success of your in-home lifestyle session.

What to consider when doing that clean up in your home prior to the photo session:

Dark and bold colors: might tint the light and sometimes leave a different color cast in the camera, versus: Light, whites and pale can help accentuating natural lights in the camera.

Final notes:

Emotion and sentiments are the key ingredients to show connection between loved ones. If you love props, then pick the ones that really represent that time in your life.

Be fabulous and genuine. Be on time and respectful for the day light hours chosen by your photographer by not delaying what needs to be done for every scenario selected. Also, be flexible because there might be spots not initially considered in your home that will make a difference for the camera because of the amount of light.

Do not worry about those flyway hairs or minor details that ca be fixed.

Let's make memories!

Be silly, be quiet, be you! Shine through photographs.

My promise is: years from now, these simple images will bring strong sentiments inside your chest and will make your heartbeat faster. Perhaps they will bring tears to your eyes and a great sense of gratitude for being able to have lived a beautiful life journey.

What about putting you phone down and let me do it for you?

Cheers and blessings!


Location: Aurora, 80016. Colorado, U.S.A.

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