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The Sitter Milestone Photography

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

The celebration of a baby's development during the first year of life is such a big deal and it should not be taken for grant.

Learn how to sustain the body and sit, beautifully, without the need of having pillows around to support and help the baby is huge accomplishment.

This little flower was so happy and interactive during her Sitter Photography Session!

There were endless baby faces and smiles available for mom, dad and myself!

I just love to watch her growing. Every time she comes in to the studio, there is always something fresh and new being unveiled and explored by this lil cupcake.

When to book a Sitter Photo Session?

A Sitter Photo Session can be requested and book from six to nine months of age, being the seventh month my best recommendation.

This gives the baby best chances to take their time to have those muscles strong and sit on her own without help.

Babies are all about smiles and adorable by this age.

The top recommendation for all sessions is to book in advance to guarantee availability on the photographer's calendar and allow enough time for the pre-session planning to take place.

What to wear during a Sitter Session?

It is always a huge relief for moms when they do not have to worry about "what to wear" during a photography session. With this in mind, I do have adorable pieces of clothing for those babies who need extra help or in the event of leaving their homes and forgetting their specific outfit back home... that is such a boomer, but I those garments from my closet can always come handy for the rescue of the milestone sessions.

Parents are also more than welcome to bring their heirloom outfits or something else that can be tied to their cultural background.

What is included in my photo session?

My studio photography sessions include:

  • Consultation design to play and create your best milestone session. This part can be easily done over the phone or via facetime video call.

  • Studio props, accessories, color scheme and backdrops.

  • Baby wardrobe during your session.

  • Custom Portrait Session.

  • Access to your digital gallery to view and select your favorite images.

  • Consultation time for your Album and Artwork design and ordering.

  • The number of digital images, each parent receive is based of their preferred package.

What should I bring to the photo session?

You can bring your regular basic items: baby bottle, pacified, food, wet wipes, diapers, extra change of clothes according to the time of the year.

We provide fresh filtered water in the studio as well as light refreshments for the parents, in case of snacking emergencies.

This is an item that I discuss with parents prior to coming to the studio, so everyone is prepared.

Book your baby milestone sitter session!

Our experience together begins way before the portrait session is booked.

I like to know the families I am going to be soon connecting with and well as the name and age of kids I am going to be photographing, mom or dad's names. Sometimes nephews, nieces, uncles or aunties' names too!

This is all because, together, we will be creating long lasting heirlooms that make your family your joyful art.

Get in touch and let's get started!

Let me know if you have any questions.

You can find my form at the website:

Located in Aurora, CO 80016.


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