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5 Beauty Tips for Natural Pregnant Mammas

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Safe Beauty Tips for Pregnant Mammas

Hello Natural Mammas!

Who does not like to become educated and informed about the latest beauty tips? It's a bonus when these tips can not be applied during pregnancy, but can also become our lifelong friend?

You are BEAUTIFUL, every day of your life. Do not forget this!

There are ways of looking after yourself, being natural and not disregard this special time for pampering yourself. This time is just as important as you are!

This is Blog 1, of my beauty tips series dedicated to pregnant moms who want to be a Natural Mamma and avoid extra chemicals getting into the body with the use of everyday essentials.

Let’s start with tips and suggestions about something important for our self-esteem: hair!

By week 20 of pregnancy, your hair might feel thicker, look shinier and healthier than usual. It probably will grow faster, too.

1. Shampoos and Conditioners during pregnancy
How should I care for my hair while pregnant?

Do you enjoy scalp massages?

Weekly, biweekly or monthly... apply light and gentle massages with coconut oil on the scalp. It can be an incredible way to take care of your hair.

Massage the tresses and scalp with patience. Follow the routine by using a mild shampoo without chemicals, avoid tight hairstyles. Do not forget to eat well. Prepare to peel a fruit than opening a box.

Opt for oils that have healthy ingredients, like olive, coconut, and almond oils. Heat up the oil slightly, making sure it is not too hot, but just warm. Massage this through the scalp and hair.

Natural oils like almond, argan, amla, and coconut are considered beneficial and safe during pregnancy.

It is not recommended to use castor oil during pregnancy as it has a strong smell and may make you nauseous.

Shampoos and Conditioners to AVOID while pregnant:

Many of these ingredients have been proven to cause dangerous health defects or pose a health risk to moms and their babies.

Let’s go straight to the point and keep the dirty list handy, while shopping. What to avoid:

· Parabens

· Phthalates

· PEGs

· Sulfates

· Formaldehyde releasers.

· Surprisingly: Essentials Oils on the scalp while pregnant are good to avoid to, per Dr. Murphy-Rose.

SAFE shampoos and conditioners to use during pregnancy:

Fortunately, there is a great variety of safe shampoos nowadays and the list is applied to all budgets! Amazon is great place and resource to look for your next home spa care item. Here are some safe clean suggestions:

  • Rahua. Omega 9 Hair Mask. $58

  • Verb. Ghost Shampoo and Conditioner. Vegan. $34

  • The One Atelier Fekkai. The Pure Shampoo. $32

  • Function of Beauty. Shampoo and Conditioner for dry scalp. $27

  • Majestic Pure. Apple Cider Vinnegar Shampoo and Virgin Coconut Avocado Conditioner. $24.95

  • Garnier Whole Blends Morocan Argan & Camellia Oils. $15.87

  • Attitude. Pregnancy Shampoo. $11.95

  • The Honest Company. $10.97

2. Regular trims and Mood Enhancers

Hair goes through different changes during pregnancy, causing a difference in hair texture and thickness. It is a good idea to go for a regular hair trim that will help avoid split ends or rough ends. A new style is also a great mood enhancer!

Hormonal changes can really mess with your hair type. It is best to understand your hair type as it changes during this phase.

Use products that are specifically created for this particular hair type. This will help add needed care and nourishment to your hair, helping it become less prone to damage and fall.

Myth: a baby will not be born with visions problems if you trim your hair while pregnant. It takes its regular time for a baby’s vision to adjust and see clearly. This is a natural process and it is not caused by trimming your hair at the salon.

3. Flatiron

Yes. It is safe to use a flat iron to straighten your hair while pregnant. However, avoid undergoing chemical hair straightening procedures.

4. Natural ways to dye your hair when pregnant

There are no studies showing that hair cannot be dyed during pregnancies related to causes of birth defects or miscarriages. ALTHOUGH, if you'd rather be on the safe side, be aware that over 5,000 chemicals are used in hair dyes and are on the carcinogenic end. If you are like me and rather feel safe than sorry it is a good idea to stay away from these chemical hair dyes during pregnancy and after, while breastfeeding your baby.

The safety answer is always on the “maybe” side of if. However, if a product possibly brings danger during pregnancy, it is already enough to convince you to go to a more natural route with your hair color. There are natural alternatives on the market for you to safely use and abuse of it.

Safely Darkening your hair while pregnant
  • Henna

  • Black walnut hull powder

  • A strong black tea or coffee hair rinse can be used to darken most medium hair colors.

Safely Lightening your hair while pregnant

If you aren’t interested in Morocco Method’s light blonde hair dye, there are a number of other ways to lighten your hair.

Lemon juice sprayed or poured over hair and dried in the sun can act as a lightener. (If you’re out in the midday sun, be sure to use the best natural sunscreen you can find.)

Chamomile, calendula, or rhubarb root tea rinse can add honey tones for a darker blonde color. Both can be used often for a cumulative lightening effect.

Shades of Red

Henna is a great choice for a rich auburn color on dark hair but may be too red if you are starting from blonde.

Tomato juice can be used like a dye (soak through hair, leave on for 30 minutes and then rinse.)

Hibiscus and calendula flowers mixed in a tea can also add red tones to hair.

Beets or beet root powder can be used for a more purple red color.

Remember that all commercial hair colors have some chemicals in it, even if you choose ammonia or peroxide free products. Foiling, Balayage, hair painting and Ombre are the safest options for those that want to keep the products off of their scalp.

If you are opting for a natural lifestyle pregnancy, midwives, suggest that any type of chemicals avoidances are best bets!

5. Relax

Stress is one of the key reasons of hair fall during pregnancy. Changing hormones and mood swings can have a negative outcome on your hair.

Do activities that help you relax. Take a nice long bath, light up some aromatic candles, listen to some soothing music, meditate, practice yoga, sleep in, go for a relaxing head massage at the salon, indulge in some retail therapy, watch lots of happy movies and stay surrounded by your favorite peeps and pets!

Following these simple care tips can help you cope with your hair issues during pregnancy. You don’t have to follow an extensive hair care regimen when you are pregnant. Remember to massage your hair and scalp, shampoo, condition, and trim your hair regularly, and eat a balanced diet. Most importantly, stay away from hair coloring to prevent damage and combing wet hair to prevent breakage. Understanding your hair type is an important factor in nourishing your hair and keeping it healthy. Lastly, don’t stress yourself out and enjoy your pregnancy!

Some Takeaways:
  • Pregnancy may affect your hair and scalp condition.

  • Adequate care and a healthy diet with ample water intake may help restore the health of your hair within six months of childbirth.

  • Massaging your scalp with safe natural hair oils increases hair thickness and improves blood circulation, inducing hair growth.

  • It is best to avoid heat styling and chemical treatments during pregnancy as they may trigger allergies or infections.

  • Remember to shampoo and condition your hair with gentle hair care products and trim your hair regularly during pregnancy.

Check this link for a list of Safe Hair Care products to use during pregnancy.

How about you?

Did you dye your hair during pregnancy? How did you do it? Share with us in the comments below!

What is the next topic you would like me to research for you about Safe Tips during Pregnancy?

I wish you the happiest, enjoyable and healthiest pregnancy on the planet!

I am here, as a mom, to chat and help you out whenever you need a pair of ears.

Contact me via website: | Email: | Cell phone messages: 720.532.3111

References to help on your own research

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