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Posed vs Lifestyle Newborn Photography

In this post I’ll explain the differences, and why one style may be better for your family than the other.

Image by: La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes - copyright reserved

First, I'd like to highlight common expectations from parent's ending, after their baby is finally born and the decision of looking for a newborn photographer has been made.

The age of the new baby has a huge influence on the style of imagery parents decide to go for.

The choices can easily be overwhelming when you are googling your next newborn photographer as well as different styles of photography that you start to notice and which one should you choose from?

These are part of the things we only notice when we start looking at them closely.

Which one should I go for? Studio photography, lifestyle photography or both?

Let me try to help you by explaining some of the variations and differences between the to styles:

In my case, parents bring their new bundle of joy to my studio - where everything is already set up and waiting to receive their baby, as my equipment, settings and materials used are barely impossible to be transported to homes due to their weight and volume. In this case, the photo session will be handled inside the studio for POSED NEWBORNS PHOTOGRAPHY.

On the other hand, when the photo session requires more natural vibe, especially for older babies, less posed style of studio newborn photography, the photo session can easily be coordinated and arranged at the baby's home. Sometimes parents like to come to the studio for lifestyle sessions and don't have to deal with house organization and tidiness. Other parents won't mind what is on their home background and do it anyway. It is all a matter of personal preference and zone of comfort of each family.

So which style is right for you?

  • Posed, studio newborn photography:

I recommend posed newborn babies to be photographed in the studio when babies are under two weeks old, more precisely between 4 to 10 days old. This is a short timeframe but, if followed promptly, chances are the newborn will be very sleepy, relaxed and will totally enjoy being curled up in womb poses. The imagery originated by this session will be delightful. HOWEVER, whenever babies pass the two week timeframe, they will start to become more and more alert to their surrounding areas and will start practicing strong stretches. Each of these stretch outs will make the wrapping process more difficult and, most of cases uncomfortable for the baby. In this scenario, a lifestyle session will be highly recommended for your family.

The baby girl featured in the image below was 5 weeks old during her photo session. Wrapping her inside an enclosed cocoon was nearly impossible and not recommended.

Image by: La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes - copyright reserved

The Posed Newborn style, which is so much in fashion nowadays, is desired when parents think of newborn photographs with their sleepy babies curled up, naked, wearing adorable delicate outfits, or perhaps wrapped up in a cocoon of blankets. Parents also love to see their newborn babies preciously holding mini teddy bears really tight, followed by bowls, boxes, little beds, baskets, moons and other props.

Many photographers will offer parents the opportunity to photograph with their newborn baby right after the session. The end of the session may also include siblings holding the baby as well.

Example of posed newborn photography. This baby girl was photographed at 18 days old.

Image by: La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes - copyright reserved

  • Lifestyle newborn photography:

Another darling option is Lifestyle newborn photography. This group of imagery offers a more relaxed and natural vibe without worrying as much with perfection, being the baby asleep or awake.

This type of session, normally, takes place at the new baby's home whose main focus is to capture those cuddling moments as well as the bonding between family members and newborn. The family interacts with baby and the new surroundings are highlighted in each image.

How do you feel having your own home being featured in each photograph background?

Image by: La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes - copyright reserved

With all that being said, which style of newborn photography should I choose?

My sincere advice, not only as a mom but as a photographer as well, is that you have to like the photographer's style you choose to go with, followed by being certified that your selected photographer has been trained on SAFETY and has affiliations for constant professional development and refreshment classes and workshops by accredited entities. Your chosen photographer has to be a firm believer to practice safety to handle and pose your baby, 100% of the time!

Secondly, ask yourself: do you prefer studio style photographs, lifestyle or both combined together?

Be honest with yourself prior to contacting and hiring your selected photographer. Talk about your realistic expectations. This step will be very helpful for everyone involved to engage in the process and work as a team!

You can also think ahead and discuss with your photographer about your plans and visions.

What you would like to be doing with such beautiful and precious images?

I hope your vision does NOT include keeping these images inside a drawer!

Some examples of what to envision are:

  • Would you love to send beautiful printed birth announcement cards, inside beautiful personalized envelopes, to family and friends?

  • If you’re planning to hang some on your walls, which color theme could you choose for your newborn baby to wear, during her/his photo session, that could complement your home décor best?

  • Would you like to add a beautiful album to your newborn memories collection?

  • Do you love to distribute home décor gifts to grandparents and close relatives?

Share your thoughts with us!

Which newborn style do you think it's best for you? Are you ready to book a newborn photo shoot or do you have questions that you would like to clarify?

I’m always happy to interact with parents and answer any questions you might have.

I would love to hear from you!

Get in touch with me here!

Phone: 720.532.3111

Colorado location: 80016

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