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Beautiful Images for Your Most Meaningful Moments.
Layne Fernandes is a Family-based Photographer in Aurora, Colorado.

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Studio Photography Denver


meet the photographer

​I'm Layne Fernandes, a Family-based Photographer in Aurora, Colorado. I specialize in Maternity, Newborn babies, Baby's first-year milestones, Cake Smashes and Family.

I love to connect and become part of growing families, watch their babies grow, and welcome a new life into their nests. Photography is poetry and a visual language that has been in my blood since I was a little girl. The priceless emotions and feelings tied to photographs of our loved ones are part of my daily motto.

Photographs come tied to healing properties; they now only bring smiles and tears to faces and have the power to bring emotional empowerment and confidence to little minds. 

My style is to represent yours in that stage of your life. I love to incorporate contemporary techniques that can tell your unique story. I believe this passion is my lifelong friend, and I'd love to share it with you by telling your family's story. 

Join me in my storytelling journey by supporting an Aurora, Colorado-based Family Photographer. 

my mission statement:

We create images with a real heart for this art. We invest in our business to provide you with quality and great lasting memories.

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable artistic experience and create long-lasting memories for you to keep. 

The many stories of our clients and best representatives, who experienced enjoyment in front of our cameras, are our tribute and key motivation to strive to improve every day.


Make Tomorrow's Memories, Today.

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