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This makes me so mad...

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Today I want to vent and share about one of the situations that makes me deeply sad and mad at the same time. This subject brings a mix of heartbroken and sickness to my stomach. (Please continue reading...)

Anyone that knows me, know that I do what I do for the love of what photography is about and the power of self-esteem and bonding it brings.

While many people struggle to conceive a child, others loose them for different life events... Life is magical and precious!

I am aware that some friends call me "helicopter mom" or "mamma bear", yes, I am not just like a huge Grizzly bear to defend my family as well as innocent lives around me - from furry or feathery animals to babies of my own species. You know I have tried, for many years, bring awareness to human trafficking. This is a very important subject avoided by many people but it is, unfortunately real, and it can happen any time of the year. Please don’t stop reading, but now - with life slowly returning to its normal pace - specially during summer time when soft targets as children and teenagers are out and about in parks, large popular events and other outdoor activities, all the attention needs to reinforced and the time spent in social media needs to be postponed while watching for your loved ones in public areas. I know the words “Human Trafficking” make you want to close your eyes, plug your ears or simply pretend it’s not happening in our world now or it will never happen to anyone that we know and love. I totally understand how disgusting and discouraging this topic is about but reality is reality and there are bad people out there. Remember that "hell is full of good intentions" meaning "the bad wolf dressed and acted like an unprotected elderly lady to try to eat the Little Red Hood girl..."

This pandemic can not be ignored and the "coming back to normal" needs to be watched with safety boundaries.

Human Trafficking can affect every, race, religion, demographic, age, nationality and gender, for different reasons and goals of organized groups, from internet, phone or in-

person interactions with strangers and their gangs.

By using this blog, I invite you to become a Warrior of Light and fight to Fight NOW!

Each day millions of children are sold, raped, organs are harvested, and the list goes on of unspeakable crimes against innocent children. This is not only happening over seas. This is happening literally in the house next to you, your city, state. There is a darkness that preys on children.

My heart and soul are heavy for this issue, and for years I thought about how I could do anything with such a huge issue, among other social causes that I dream of showing real intervention one day.

Where do I even begin?

I am one person and my business is made up of only myself. So what can I do?

At the beginning of this year, I participated on a online-workshop and watched

a live stream with, one of my mentors and colleagues participants on this Live Workshop.

It opened my desire to blog about this subject and point to all of you about entities that work, dangerously, and very hard do bring an end to the action of these "human pirates" or "dream thieves".

Operation Underground Railroad(O.U.R.) and Tim Ballard. During that live Mia Love said “Big gates swing open on tiny hinges.” I am that tiny hinge…YOU are th

at tiny hinge!

We can’t make a heavy gate move if we don’t at least start pushing it.

I don’t have much, but I have my images, my art, my voice, and with all I have I will keep fighting for the safety of innocent lives.

I found a way that I can help the fight, but I can’t do this alone. This is O.U.R. fight to fight together.

For ever dollar you donate, straight to Operation Underground Railroad - O.U.R. - I will match that with an equal amount as a photo credit with La Dolce Vita Photography by Layne Fernandes.

Give O.U.R. $50, $100, $200, or less, and I will credit you $50, 100, $200 or whatever your contribution was to this cause, up to $500 dollars, out of my own pocket as well!

I will honor this for all sessions!

Simply show me your donation receipt with a recent date of donation/transaction and I will do the rest.

Together we can make this world a better place to live!


Layne Fernandes

Photographer & Owner

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