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Elegant Maternity Photography Session and Fabric Tossing

Have you heard or seen maternity photos showing those beautiful floating fabrics?

Do you know what type of photography session, or photoshoot, is this?

It is called Maternity Session with Fabric Tossing. #maternitysessionfabrictossingdenver

Fabric tossing is a darling technique that creates the kind of image focusing on the changing moment of life and the fabric flowing beautifully to highlight or frame the pregnant woman's body.

It not only defines the expectant body’s curves but also gives an dreamy look to the image.

My favorite types of fabric to work with are natural silks and silk chiffon. These fabrics can be found in a beautiful array of different color palettes.

I love to hear about my client's preferences and second that thought with their skin tones for best highlight of their own beauty in the given moment of the photo session.

I consider it to be very important to have a phone consultation with the mom to be and learn about her, as well as feel comfortable with each other by stablishing a friendly relationship with the photographer. The more she is comfortable to work with me, the more natural the photography flow will happen and her features will be soft, gentle and happy. Advices on hair, make up and nail colors are also discussed. By the end of my phone consultation, the mom-to-be will have a clear vision of what to envision for the upcoming studio session.

All of these fabrics, with natural soft flow, can be wrapped or draped around her body, in ways that, gently, cover parts of the body and, elegantly, can be tossed up in the air!

Every woman will have a different style of different flow of fabric tossing, during their photography session. We can not predict or mimic how magic the tossing is going to be but it sure pleases the eyes, every time, it is tossed and the digital image is uniquely post processed. The results are mind blowing and magnificent!

Each piece of fabric used for a Maternity Tossing Session measures about 4 or 5 meters long! It is a lot of fabric to work with.

Each set of fabric is carefully steamed, sanitized, for hygienic and safety reasons before each mom has it in contact with her body.

Safety, comfort, cleanliness and consideration for our clients are the top non-negotiable priorities I have as my standard procedures in the studio. #ladolcevitaphotographybylaynefernandes.

I offer a different variety of styles and sizes of dresses and fabrics for tossing.

If a dress or fabric color is highly desired, and I do not have it in the closet, the fix is easy! It can be promptly ordered, when requested in, a little bit, of advanced note!

This makes my photo sessions a non-brainer task in motherhood's to do list.

Every client and every photo session will have something unique and personalized to take the best care of every client and the beautiful new energy every woman, mom-to-be, is bringing to the studio!

My studio is located in the heart of South East Aurora, Denver Metro, in the surrounding areas of beautiful and cozy Southlands Mall.

Contact Layne Fernandes to schedule a Classic Photography Session that captures the last moments of your pregnancy.

Be the light and come shine in the studio!

Layne Fernandes


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